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Title: 54 - TAXATION

Chapter: 30A - Rules, regulations

54:30A-30: Rules, regulations

54:30A-49: Purpose of act.

54:30A-50: Definitions.

54:30A-51: Taxation of sewerage, water corporations.

54:30A-52: Taxation of real estate.

54:30A-54: Excise tax for sewerage, water corporation; rate; certain amount computed; average tax.

54:30A-54.1: Computation, certification of excise taxes.

54:30A-54.1a: Amount, payment of tax.

54:30A-54.2: Deductions from or additions to subsection (c) tax

54:30A-54.3: Administration, collection and enforcement of subsection (c) taxes

54:30A-54.4: Advance payment; computation; due date.

54:30A-54.5: Credit of advance payment as partial payment in preceding year

54:30A-55: Statements by taxpayers operating public utilities.

54:30A-62: Certification of excise taxes; statements to taxpayer.

54:30A-63: Statements to director.

54:30A-100: Short title; purpose of act.

54:30A-101: Definitions relative to Transitional Energy Facility Assessment Act.

54:30A-102: Establishment of remitter's transitional energy facility assessment.

54:30A-103: Payment of assessment by corporation.

54:30A-104: Statement of sales from remitter due February 1.

54:30A-105: Statement of liability from remitter due October 15.

54:30A-106: TEFA statement to remitter.

54:30A-107: Liability for TEFA assessment.

54:30A-108: Payments due May 15.

54:30A-109: Certification of amount of assessments.

54:30A-110: Municipal electric sales, certain; additional assessment.

54:30A-111: Remitter, certain, subject to assessment.

54:30A-112: Prior year's adjustment to assessment.

54:30A-113: Rules, regulations applicable to remitters.

54:30A-114: Short title; purpose of act.

54:30A-115: Definitions relative to uniform transitional utility assessment.

54:30A-116: Annual assessment.

54:30A-117: Amount paid available as nonfundable credit.

54:30A-118: Statements from remitter.

54:30A-119: Calculation, certification of assessment.

54:30A-120: Certification of amount of assessments.

54:30A-121: Prior year's adjustment to assessment.

54:30A-122: Rules, regulations applicable to remitters.

54:30A-123: Deposit of tax monies, certain.

54:30A-124: Imposition of fees, taxes, levies, assessments by certain local units prohibited.

54:30A-125: Telecommunication assessment.

54:30A-126: Submission of final tax form by energy utilities.