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Title: 54 - TAXATION

Chapter: 33 -

54:33-1: Definitions

54:33-2: Jurisdiction of tax court

54:33-3: Rights and remedies under prior acts saved

54:33-4: Repeal of certain tax acts; taxes and liens thereunder discharged

54:33-5: Powers of comptroller exercised by tax commissioner

54:33-6: Books, records and documents; custody

54:33-7: Records kept by tax commissioner

54:33-8: Returns of appraisers and other data as privileged communications

54:33-9: Appraisers and employees; employment by tax commissioner

54:33-9.1: District supervisor in Inheritance Tax Division; residence qualification

54:33-10: Apportionment of tax receipts to counties

54:33-11: Certain officers and employees; retention

54:33-12: Commissioner may abolish unnecessary positions

54:33-14: Annual report