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Title: 54 - TAXATION

Chapter: 34 - Transfers taxable.

54:34-1: Transfers taxable.

54:34-1.1: Irrevocable disposition of reserved income, rights, etc., over property transferred 3 years prior to death

54:34-2: Transfer inheritance tax; phase-out.

54:34-2.1: Mutually acknowledged relationship of parent and child; stepchildren

54:34-3: Ratio tax on transfer of property on nonresident

54:34-4: Exemptions.

54:34-5: Deductions to ascertain market value

54:34-6: Appointment of appraisers

54:34-7: Compensation of appraisers

54:34-8: Misconduct of appraiser; penalty

54:34-9: Making appraisement; notice of; taking evidence; report

54:34-10: Failure to testify before appraiser; penalty

54:34-12: Levying the tax; notice to parties interested

54:34-13: Appeal of appraisement, assessment.