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Title: 54 - TAXATION

Chapter: 39A -

54:39A-1: Short title

54:39A-1.1: Operation, effect of 1995 amendments

54:39A-2: Definitions.

54:39A-3: User's tax

54:39A-4: Quarterly reports; exemptions

54:39A-5: Quarterly payments; calculation

54:39A-6: Computation of fuel use; records

54:39A-8: Credit for motor fuel tax paid

54:39A-9: Records

54:39A-10: Identification cards, markers; registration fee; permit; revocation

54:39A-11: Examination of returns, assessment of additional taxes, etc.

54:39A-19: Claim for refund

54:39A-20: False statements; violations; penalties

54:39A-21: Additional taxes and fees

54:39A-22: Enforcement assistance

54:39A-23: Availability of records of other agencies

54:39A-24: Regulations, International Fuel Tax Agreement

54:39A-29: "Motor fuel use tax distribution fund" created