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Title: 54 - TAXATION

Chapter: 47C - Title

54:47C-1: Title

54:47C-2: Definitions

54:47C-3: Excise tax

54:47C-4: Single payment of tax; liability of grower

54:47C-5: Liability of state and municipalities

54:47C-6: Collection by distributor, processor, grower-distributor or farmers market; liability for tax

54:47C-7: Report accompanying payment of tax

54:47C-8: Record of asparagus handled; inspection

54:47C-9: Violations; penalties; enforcement

54:47C-10: Continued violations; injunction

54:47C-11: Collection of tax by department; enforcement of act

54:47C-12: Deposit of moneys; appropriation and use; purposes

54:47C-13: Asparagus Industry Council; membership; appointment; term; vacancies; compensation

54:47C-14: Organization of council

54:47C-15: Rules and regulations; employment of personnel; records; annual report

54:47C-16: Estimate of revenues; submission to department of agriculture; inclusion in budget

54:47C-17: Appropriation