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Title: 54 - TAXATION

Chapter: 51A - Review of judgment, action or determination of county board of taxation

54:51A-1: Review of judgment, action or determination of county board of taxation

54:51A-2: Direct appeal to tax court in certain cases

54:51A-3: Exemption of Class 3B (Farm Qualified) and Class 15D, E and F (Exempt Property) from provisions of subsection b. of R.S.54:51A-1

54:51A-4: Review and revision of equalization tables

54:51A-5: Service of copies of complaint, copies of judgment, notices and notice of withdrawal or dismissal of complaint

54:51A-6: Judgment revising taxable value of property; reduction of value; applicability of section

54:51A-7: Correction of errors

54:51A-8: Conclusiveness of judgment; changes in value; effect of revaluation program

54:51A-9: Time for taking real property tax cases to Tax Court

54:51A-10: Fees

54:51A-11: Complaint; contents; form; service; and practice

54:51A-12: Designation of certain cases

54:51A-13: Appeals in general

54:51A-14: Time

54:51A-15: Collection; bond; exception

54:51A-16: Appeal exclusive remedy of taxpayer

54:51A-17: Special rule for appeals by municipality pursuant to section 6 of P.L. 1940, c. 4 (C. 54:30A-21)

54:51A-18: Complaint; contents; form; service; practice

54:51A-19: Fees

54:51A-20: Condition to prosecuting appeal under section 31 of P.L. 1941, c. 291 (C. 54:29A-31)

54:51A-21: Laws repealed

54:51A-22: Awarding of costs to prevailing taxpayer

54:51A-23: Action for damages by taxpayer