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Title: 54 - TAXATION

Chapter: 52 - Charges under other Titles

54:52-5: Charges under other Titles

54:52-6: Disorderly persons offenses

54:52-7: Providing false information

54:52-8: Failure to file return

54:52-9: Failure to pay

54:52-10: Filing of fraudulent return

54:52-11: Assisting in preparation of fraudulent return

54:52-12: Failure to maintain books, records

54:52-13: Engaging in conduct requiring registration licensure without same

54:52-14: Failure to collect, withhold State tax

54:52-15: Failure to turn over collected, withheld tax

54:52-16: Operating under voided corporate charter

54:52-17: Dealing with unlicensed person

54:52-18: Possession of goods without paying tax

54:52-19: False testimony; verification of false statements