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Chapter: 13A -

55:13A-1: Short title

55:13A-2: Declaration of policy; liberal construction

55:13A-3: Definitions.

55:13A-4: Supervisor of bureau of housing inspection; administration and enforcement of act

55:13A-5: Abolition of offices and transfer of powers, functions and duties

55:13A-6: Powers of commissioner

55:13A-7: Rules, regulations.

55:13A-7.1: Equipment with smoke detectors or alarms; rules and regulations

55:13A-7.2: No code or standard to exceed standards under "State Uniform Construction Code Act"

55:13A-7.3: Parking for handicapped

55:13A-7.4: 5-unit minimum

55:13A-7.5: Internal security exemption

55:13A-7.6: Applicable provisions

55:13A-7.7: Hotel room notices, procedures followed in event of fire or smoke

55:13A-7.8: Indirect apportionment of heating costs

55:13A-7.9: Method or device, approval, requirements

55:13A-7.10: Rules, regulations

55:13A-7.11: Existing systems, use

55:13A-7.12: Definitions relative to child-protection window guards.

55:13A-7.12a: Short title.

55:13A-7.13: Installation of window guards, maintenance, violations, penalties.

55:13A-7.14: Leases, required notices advising of availability; delivery, posting.

55:13A-7.15: Noninterference with window guards; removal, certain.

55:13A-7.16: Rules, regulations; guidelines for use, orientation programs.

55:13A-7.17: Carbon monoxide sensor devices required in hotel, multiple dwelling

55:13A-7.18: Posting of drinking water test reports in multiple dwellings.

55:13A-8: Transmittal of copies of regulations to board; publication; hearing; effective date

55:13A-9: Effect of regulations; revision, repeal or amendment

55:13A-10: Construction of hotels or multiple dwellings; conversion or alteration; compliance with regulations

55:13A-11: Conversion or alteration of existing buildings; exception from regulations; written notice to occupants of exceptions which affect safety

55:13A-12: Certificate of registration; application; fee; appointment of agent; notice of violation

55:13A-12.1: Retreat lodging facilities

55:13A-12.2: Lead paint inspection requirements for single and two-family rental dwellings.

55:13A-13: Inspection; fees

55:13A-13a: Conduct of inspections

55:13A-13.1: Retirement community; exclusion from definition of multiple dwelling; compliance with fire safety standards; self-inspection; filing checklist; certif

55:13A-13.2: Fee exemption

55:13A-16: Violations; order to terminate; injunctive relief

55:13A-17: Order to vacate; reinspection; hearing; injunctive relief

55:13A-18: Aggrieved persons; hearing; notice

55:13A-19: Violations, penalties.

55:13A-20: Service of ruling, notice or order

55:13A-20.1: Short title

55:13A-20.2: Mortgage holder of record; notice of failure by owner to abate violations

55:13A-21: Enforcement of provisions

55:13A-22: Offenses

55:13A-23: Actions or proceedings; records

55:13A-24: Hearings; rules of evidence

55:13A-25: Powers and duties of local boards of health not impaired

55:13A-26: Fees and penalties; deposit

55:13A-26.1: Deposit of 50% of penalty moneys in Revolving Housing Development and Demonstration Grant Fund

55:13A-26.2: Appropriation for Revolving Housing Development and Demonstration Grant Fund

55:13A-27: Partial invalidity

55:13A-28: Repeal