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Chapter: 13B -

55:13B-1: Short title

55:13B-2: Legislative findings and declarations

55:13B-3: Terms defined.

55:13B-4: Powers of commissioner

55:13B-5: Regulations; distinctions among types; waiver, modification or postponement of application

55:13B-5.1: Responsibilities assumed by DOH; inter-agency agreement.

55:13B-5.2: DCA to stop issuing licenses.

55:13B-6: Standards

55:13B-6.1: Carbon monoxide sensor device required in rooming, boarding houses

55:13B-7: Rooming, boarding house licensure; fee.

55:13B-8: Operator; residing in facility; acceptance of service; primary owner deemed operator if operator unavailable

55:13B-9: Inspection, review of records.

55:13B-10: Corporate, personal liability for violations

55:13B-10.1: Owner, operator of rooming, boarding house prohibited from providing health care services

55:13B-11: Violations constituting imminent hazard to health, safety or welfare; order of vacation or correction of violation; reinspection after notice of corre

55:13B-11.1: Criminal offenses

55:13B-11.2: Each violation separate

55:13B-12: Service of notices or orders

55:13B-13: Continuance of powers and duties of commissioner under Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Law

55:13B-14: Prohibition of notice to leave or other action in retaliation; enforcement of rights or complaint by resident

55:13B-15: Local governments or officers; authorization to inspect; reports; preemption of regulations; supplying information

55:13B-16: Severability

55:13B-17: Legislative findings and declarations

55:13B-18: Boarding facility defined

55:13B-19: Rights of resident of boarding facility

55:13B-20: Notice of rights; giving to residents; posting; contents

55:13B-21: Violation of rights; action for damages; costs and attorney's fees