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Chapter: 14K -

55:14K-1: Short title

55:14K-2: Legislative findings and declarations

55:14K-3: Definitions.

55:14K-4: New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency.

55:14K-5: Powers of agency

55:14K-5.1: New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency to provide written notice of funding

55:14K-5.2: Additional powers of New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency

55:14K-5.3: Transfer of certain reserves to State for housing needs.

55:14K-6: Financing of construction, improvement or rehabilitation of housing projects; loans; application; priorities

55:14K-7: Terms and conditions of loans

55:14K-7.1: Shower, bathtub safety rails required in certain senior rental projects.

55:14K-7.2: Powers of agency as condition of loan, grant, investment for special needs housing projects.

55:14K-7.3: Tenants forum; State-subsidized rental housing, complaints.

55:14K-8: Eligibility for admission to housing projects; termination of tenancy or interest; excessive income; surcharge; disposition.

55:14K-9: Housing sponsors; action or proceeding by agency to enforce rights; appointment of receiver; reorganizations

55:14K-10: Foreclosure action; parties defendant; entry of judgment; conditions; orders; qualification of buyers; other judgments; notices prior to sale

55:14K-11: Loans to institutional lenders

55:14K-12: Purchase and sale of eligible loans by agency

55:14K-13: Life safety improvement loans.

55:14K-14: Boarding house rental assistance fund

55:14K-15: Rental assistance agreements

55:14K-16: Boarding house rental assistance fund annual report

55:14K-17: Annual appropriations to boarding house rental assistance fund

55:14K-18: Subsidiary corporations of agency

55:14K-19: New Jersey housing development corporation

55:14K-20: Bonds of agency

55:14K-21: Resolutions of authorization for issuance of bonds; contents

55:14K-22: Default in payment of principal or interest on bonds

55:14K-23: Pledges of income, revenues or other property

55:14K-24: Allocation of state ceiling on aggregate amount of qualified mortgage bonds under I.R.C. s. 103A(g) to agency

55:14K-25: Reservation of funds for use in municipalities eligible for state aid for services and to offset property taxes

55:14K-26: Inclusion of interest on bonds in gross income for purposes of federal income tax

55:14K-27: No personal liability on bonds

55:14K-28: Purchase of bonds of agency by agency

55:14K-29: Housing finance funds

55:14K-30: Housing development fund

55:14K-31: General fund of agency

55:14K-32: Pledge, covenant and agreement of state with bondholders

55:14K-33: Bonds as legal investment

55:14K-34: Tax exemptions

55:14K-35: Exemption of property from levy and sale by execution, judicial process or charge or lien of judgment

55:14K-36: Insurance or guarantee of payment of interest or principal of loans or bonds; obtaining from federal department or agency or other person

55:14K-37: Other laws, rules or regulations concerning housing sponsors subordinate to this act; tax exemption of project; ordinance or resolution; taxes or paym

55:14K-38: Violations; penalty

55:14K-39: Conflicts of interest; violations; penalties

55:14K-40: Annual report and audit of agency

55:14K-41: Agency financial strategy; biannual revision; annual review of housing program content

55:14K-42: Wage rate of workmen employed by qualified housing sponsors; determination

55:14K-43: Services to agency by state units or officers; payment of costs and expenses

55:14K-44: Discrimination; prohibition; violations; penalty

55:14K-45: Short title

55:14K-46: Findings, determinations, declarations

55:14K-47: Definitions

55:14K-48: Issuance of Housing Incentive Bonds

55:14K-49: Housing Incentive Finance Fund established

55:14K-50: Guarantee of construction loans

55:14K-51: Loan guarantees

55:14K-52: Insurance against defaults

55:14K-53: Rules, regulations

55:14K-54: Short title

55:14K-55: Findings, etc. relative to housing for low and moderate income families

55:14K-56: Definitions

55:14K-57: Amount set aside to provide mortgage loans

55:14K-58: Affordable Home Ownership Opportunities Fund established

55:14K-59: Loans by agency authorized

55:14K-60: Eligibility for loans

55:14K-61: Selection of eligible projects

55:14K-62: Eligible project declared public work

55:14K-63: Rules, regulations

55:14K-64: Short title

55:14K-65: Findings, declarations relative to Rental Housing Incentive Guarantee Program

55:14K-66: Definitions

55:14K-67: Rental Housing Incentive Guarantee Fund established

55:14K-68: Powers, duties of agency

55:14K-69: Agreements between agency and authority

55:14K-70: Funding provided by New Jersey Economic Development Authority

55:14K-71: Rules, regulations

55:14K-72: Short title

55:14K-73: Findings, declarations relative to cooperative housing for certain purchasers

55:14K-74: Definitions relative to cooperative housing for certain purchasers

55:14K-75: "New Jersey Senior and Disabled Cooperative Housing Finance Incentive Program"

55:14K-76: Amount from bonds set aside for certain mortgage loans, projects

55:14K-77: "Senior and Disabled Cooperative Housing Incentive Fund"

55:14K-78: Eligibility for loan

55:14K-79: Selection of projects; priority

55:14K-80: Project declared public work

55:14K-81: Rules, regulations

55:14K-82: Short title.

55:14K-83: Findings, declarations relative to residential mortgage assistance.

55:14K-84: Short title.

55:14K-85: Definitions relative to "Mortgage and Neighborhood Stabilization Financing Assistance Program."

55:14K-86: Mortgage and Neighborhood Stabilization Assistance Program, Fund.

55:14K-86.1: Certain funds used for acquisition, rehabilitation of certain properties.

55:14K-86.2: Regulations.

55:14K-86.3: Additional uses for funds.

55:14K-87: Rules, regulations.

55:14K-88: Short title.

55:14K-89: Definitions relative to "New Jersey Housing Assistance and Recovery Program."

55:14K-90: Housing Assistance and Recovery Program Support Fund.

55:14K-91: Execution of lease-purchase agreement.

55:14K-92: Notification relative to noncompliance of sponsor.

55:14K-93: Rules, regulations.