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Chapter: 19 -

55:19-1: Short title

55:19-2: Findings, declarations

55:19-3: Definitions

55:19-4: Urban Development Corporation

55:19-5: Coordination with other State programs; advisory council

55:19-6: Powers of the corporation

55:19-7: Subsidiary corporations

55:19-8: Joint ventures

55:19-9: Loans for "projects."

55:19-10: Subsidiary stock issuance

55:19-11: Self-dealing prohibition

55:19-12: Authorized investment

55:19-13: Employment tax credit

55:19-14: No eminent domain; municipal regulation

55:19-15: Prevailing wage rate

55:19-16: Annual report; strategy document

55:19-17: Urban Development Investment Fund created

55:19-18: Appropriation from bond fund

55:19-19: Project initiation within one year

55:19-20: Short title

55:19-21: Findings, determinations relative to urban redevelopment

55:19-22: Definitions relative to urban redevelopment

55:19-23: New Jersey Urban Development Corporation reconstituted as New Jersey Redevelopment Authority

55:19-24: Powers of authority

55:19-25: Prioritization of projects

55:19-26: Volunteer cooperation, assistance of private business firms, executives

55:19-27: Additional powers of authority

55:19-28: Joint ventures

55:19-29: Loans for projects

55:19-30: Authority empowered to issue bonds

55:19-31: Issuance of bonds

55:19-32: Bond, other obligation deemed fully negotiable

55:19-33: Power of authority to covenant, agree with bondholders

55:19-34: Pledge of revenues, other moneys valid, binding

55:19-35: Lawful investments in authority securities

55:19-36: Liability on bonds

55:19-37: Conflicts prohibited; remedies

55:19-38: Prevailing wages

55:19-39: Public hearing on project

55:19-40: Property, securities of authority, tax exempt; in lieu of tax payments

55:19-41: Agreements between contiguous municipalities to share project revenues

55:19-42: Responsibility of each municipality set forth in agreement

55:19-43: Investments permitted

55:19-44: P.L.1996, c.62 complete authority for issuance of bonds

55:19-45: Submission of New Jersey Redevelopment Strategy document

55:19-46: New Jersey Redevelopment Investment Fund

55:19-47: Establishment of loan rates, maturities; earnings paid to the fund

55:19-48: County empowered to enter into contracts with authority

55:19-49: Property of authority exempt from levy, sale

55:19-50: Moneys transferred to the fund; functions, employees, property transferred to the authority

55:19-51: Use of moneys, priorities, relative to Local Development Financing Fund

55:19-52: Municipal ordinance to provide for tax abatement, payment in lieu of taxes

55:19-53: Financial agreements to provide for repayment of bonds

55:19-54: Definitions relative to abandoned property

55:19-55: Identification of abandoned property, listing.

55:19-56: Sale of tax lien on abandoned property; remediation costs.

55:19-57: Removal of property from list of abandoned properties; remediation

55:19-58: Action to foreclose right of redemption

55:19-59: Final judgment barring right of redemption; grounds for reopening

55:19-60: Urban Coordinating Council

55:19-61: Duties of Urban Coordinating Council

55:19-62: Office of Neighborhood Empowerment

55:19-63: Duties of Office of Neighborhood Empowerment

55:19-64: Development of neighborhood empowerment plan

55:19-65: Distribution of eligibility guidelines for participation in neighborhood empowerment program

55:19-66: Preference accorded to certain neighborhood empowerment plans

55:19-67: Additional considerations in evaluating neighborhood empowerment plan

55:19-68: Review of applications by Urban Coordinating Council, authority

55:19-69: Public hearings on applications; determination

55:19-70: Eligibility for investments from New Jersey Redevelopment Investment Fund

55:19-71: Review of documents, remedial action workplans

55:19-72: Urban Site Remediation Coordinator

55:19-73: Allocation of loans, loan guarantees

55:19-74: Funding of projects through issuance of tax exempt bonds

55:19-75: Application for funding from "Water Supply Bond Act of 1981"

55:19-76: Application for funding from P.L.1992, c.88 and P.L.1995, c.204

55:19-77: Application for funding from "1992 New Jersey Employment and Workforce Development Act"

55:19-78: Short title

55:19-79: Findings, declarations relative to abandoned properties

55:19-80: Definitions relative to abandoned property.

55:19-81: Determination that property is abandoned.

55:19-82: Determination of property as nuisance

55:19-83: Property not to be placed on abandoned property list; conditions.

55:19-84: Action to transfer property to municipality

55:19-85: Complaint, content

55:19-86: Complaint, lis pendens, notice; entry on property.

55:19-87: Defense by owner against complaint.

55:19-88: Designation of possessor if owner unsuccessful in defending against complaint.

55:19-89: Submission of plan to court by municipality

55:19-90: Municipality, option of designating qualified rehabilitation entity

55:19-91: Municipality deemed to have ownership interest

55:19-92: Petition for reinstatement of owner's control, possession

55:19-93: Contents of petition

55:19-94: Security obligations of owner relative to granting of petition

55:19-95: Granting of title to municipality, authorization to sell

55:19-96: Procedure for municipality to purchase, sell property

55:19-97: Distribution of proceeds

55:19-98: Lien, special tax sales, remedies

55:19-99: Denial of rights, remedies to lienholder, mortgage holder

55:19-100: Municipal recourse with respect to lien.

55:19-101: Special tax sales; notice.

55:19-102: Establishment of fair market value of property

55:19-103: Removal from abandoned property list; conditions

55:19-104: Creation of abandoned property list; initiative procedure

55:19-105: Request for inclusion of property on abandoned property list

55:19-106: Findings, declarations relative to discontinuation of certain utility service from abandoned properties.

55:19-107: Access to abandoned property by utility, conditions.