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Chapter: 10 -

56:10-1: Short title

56:10-2: Legislative findings.

56:10-3: Definitions.

56:10-4: Application of act

56:10-5: Termination of franchise; notice; grounds

56:10-6: Transfer of franchise; notice; approval; agreement of compliance

56:10-6.1: Violations of the "Franchise Practices Act."

56:10-6.2: Inapplicability of act to certain distributors.

56:10-6.3: Inapplicability of act relative to family members.

56:10-6.4: Severability.

56:10-7: Prohibited practices.

56:10-7.1: Prohibition of purchase of alternate motor fuel by franchisee; violation

56:10-7.2: Findings, declarations

56:10-7.3: Prohibited conditions, terms of franchise.

56:10-7.4: Additional practices prohibited.

56:10-8: Application of act to prior grants of franchises

56:10-9: Action against franchisor; defenses

56:10-10: Action against franchisor; damages; injunction; costs

56:10-11: Severability

56:10-12: Limitation of liability of franchisor, its officers, agents or employees for furnishing information

56:10-13: Definitions

56:10-13.1: Violations concerning relocations

56:10-13.2: Repurchase of certain vehicles and equipment on termination, cancellation or nonrenewal.

56:10-13.3: Violations related to termination, cancellation or nonrenewal.

56:10-13.4: Discontinuation of a series or line, effective termination

56:10-13.5: Interest on overdue payments

56:10-13.6: Violations by franchisor

56:10-13.7: Exceptions to violations by franchisor, "acquiring transferee" defined

56:10-14: Indemnification and holding harmless franchisees by franchisors for claims and damages due third parties

56:10-15: Reimbursement for services or parts under warranty or law.

56:10-16: Definitions.

56:10-17: Motor vehicle franchise committee

56:10-18: Conditions for franchise.

56:10-19: Notice to existing franchisee, protest, appeal.

56:10-20: Rights of franchisor.

56:10-21: Hearing on protest.

56:10-22: Motion for determination that final determination will favor franchisee; prohibition of action by franchisor

56:10-23: Factors for consideration if proposed franchise will harm public interest.

56:10-24: Parties responsible for own costs

56:10-25: Rules and regulations

56:10-26: Definitions

56:10-27: Sales through franchises only

56:10-27.1: Sale of zero emission vehicle.

56:10-28: Prohibition of ownership by franchisor

56:10-29: Action by franchisee

56:10-30: Actions, alternate dispute resolution proceedings relative to franchise termination.

56:10-31: Request for additional information by franchisor.