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Chapter: 11 -

56:11-1: Definitions

56:11-2: Inapplicability of act to statements of accounts of public utilities

56:11-3: Written notice of billing error by consumer; acknowledgment by creditor; prohibition of communication on claimed billing error

56:11-4: Transmittal of statements of account; collections

56:11-5: Address of creditor on statements of account

56:11-6: Written notice of procedures to consumers by creditors

56:11-7: Failure to comply; penalty

56:11-8: Conduct in compliance with Fair Credit Billing as compliance with this act

56:11-9: Liability of creditor

56:11-16: Definitions

56:11-17: Personal identification information not required for credit card transaction

56:11-18: Violations, penalties

56:11-19: Regulations

56:11-20: Definitions

56:11-21: Accentance of checks for consumer transactions; cashing checks

56:11-22: Violations, penalty

56:11-23: Regulations

56:11-24: Credit card transctions forms by issuers

56:11-25: Credit card transaction forms by accepters

56:11-26: Violations, fines

56:11-27: Injunctive relief

56:11-28: Short title.

56:11-29: Findings, declarations relative to consumer credit reports.

56:11-30: Definitions relative to consumer credit reports.

56:11-31: Furnishing of consumer report; permissible circumstances.

56:11-32: Procedures designed to limit furnishing of consumer reports.

56:11-33: Procurement, preparation of investigative consumer report.

56:11-34: Disclosure to consumer.

56:11-35: Time, notice for making disclosures.

56:11-36: Dispute of information; reinvestigation.

56:11-37: Imposition of charge on consumer; exceptions

56:11-38: Willful noncompliance; liability.

56:11-39: Negligent noncompliance; liability.

56:11-40: Obtaining information under false pretenses, fourth degree crime.

56:11-41: Enforcement agency.

56:11-42: Electronic printing of credit card numbers on sales receipts, regulated.

56:11-43: Rules, regulations.

56:11-44: Short title.

56:11-45: Findings, declarations relative to identity theft.

56:11-46: Election of placement of security freeze on consumer report, procedure.

56:11-47: Actions of consumer reporting agency relative to security freeze.

56:11-48: Inapplicability of sections 4 through 9 of act of resellers.

56:11-49: Entities not required to place security freeze in consumer report.

56:11-50: Noncompliance, liability.

56:11-51: Denial, reduction of credit to victims of identity theft, certain, prohibited.

56:11-52: Violations, penalties.

56:11-53: Short title.

56:11-54: Definitions relative to collection of certain personal information.

56:11-55: Violations, penalties.