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Chapter: 12 -

56:12-1: Definitions

56:12-2: Contracts to be written in simple, clear, understandable and easily readable way

56:12-2.1: Cost of residential construction permits, disclosure by contractor; violations, penalties.

56:12-3: Failure to comply; liability

56:12-4: Class actions; limitation on punitive damages

56:12-4.1: Reform or limit of provision of consumer contract by court; findings

56:12-5: Nonliability conditions

56:12-6: Use of specific language

56:12-7: Other claims not precluded

56:12-8: Opinions on compliance of consumer contracts; review by attorney general; certification; fee

56:12-8.2: Power of commissioner of insurance to review and certify insurance contracts; effect on prior certification by Attorney General

56:12-9: Application to dollar limitation on consumer contracts; nonapplication to real estate or insurance contracts

56:12-10: Guidelines

56:12-11: Waiver of rights under act; effect of violation of act

56:12-12: Injunctions; attorney fees, court costs.

56:12-13: Severability

56:12-14: Short title

56:12-15: Consumer contract, warranty, notice or sign; violation of legal right of consumer or responsibility of seller, lessor, etc.; prohibition; exemptions

56:12-16: Provision for waiver of rights under act; nullity; statement of provisions void, unenforceable or inapplicable in New Jersey

56:12-16.1: Consumer contract relative to motor vehicle; right of consumer to make statements; violations, penalties.

56:12-17: Violations; civil liability to aggrieved consumer; action; termination of contract

56:12-18: Act as additional to other rights, remedies and prohibitions

56:12-29: Findings, intentions.

56:12-30: Definitions.

56:12-31: Report of nonconformity; repairs.

56:12-32: Refunds.

56:12-33: Presumption of inability to correct nonconformity; written notification.

56:12-34: Statements to consumers.

56:12-35: Sale, leasing of returned motor vehicle.

56:12-36: Informal dispute settlement procedure.

56:12-37: Dispute resolution.

56:12-38: Statistics.

56:12-39: Decision binding.

56:12-40: Affirmative defense.

56:12-41: Pleading

56:12-42: Attorney, expert fees; cost.

56:12-43: Use of funds

56:12-44: Inherent design defect.

56:12-45: Proceedings.

56:12-46: No liability, cause of action.

56:12-47: No limitation on rights

56:12-48: Agreements void

56:12-49: Rules, regulations

56:12-49.1: Consumer's right to make certain statements; violations, penalties.

56:12-60: Short title

56:12-61: Definitions

56:12-62: Lease requirements

56:12-63: Disclosures, addendum

56:12-64: Compliance with federal requirements as disclosure

56:12-65: Default; death of lessee

56:12-66: Appraisal for repair or replacement of parts, or reduced value

56:12-67: Credit check on lessee; right to review contract

56:12-68: Consumer awareness program

56:12-69: Rules and regulations

56:12-70: Violations as unlawful practices

56:12-71: Definitions

56:12-72: Restrictions on subleasing

56:12-73: Enforceability of agreements

56:12-74: Violations

56:12-75: Definitions relative to motorized wheelchairs

56:12-76: Manufacturer warranty

56:12-77: Repair of nonconformity

56:12-78: Manufacturer's responsibility if nonconformity is irreparable

56:12-79: Transfer of possession of motorized wheelchair

56:12-80: Obtaining a refund

56:12-81: Lease not enforced after refund

56:12-82: Disclosure of reasons for return

56:12-83: Dispute resolution; application, hearing, procedure

56:12-84: Consumer's rights not limited; waivers, void, unenforceable

56:12-85: Consumer's recovery for damages

56:12-86: Rules, regulations

56:12-87: Definitions relative to service contracts.

56:12-88: Provisions for issuance of service contracts; exemptions.

56:12-89: Permitted names for service contract providers.

56:12-90: Assurance of faithful performance required to sell service contracts.

56:12-91: Appointment of administrator.

56:12-92: Requirements for issuance of reimbursement insurance policy.

56:12-93: Contents of service contract.

56:12-94: Receipt, copy of service contract.

56:12-95: Records kept by provider; contents.

56:12-96: Violations deemed unlawful practice.

56:12-97: Definitions relative to direct broadcast satellite and telecommunications service.

56:12-98: Opting out of contracts without penalty for victims of domestic violence.