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Chapter: 3 - Purpose of act, construction

56:3-13a: Purpose of act, construction

56:3-13.1a: Definitions relative to trademarks

56:3-13.2: Registrability

56:3-13.3: Application for registration

56:3-13.3a: Examination of applications, procedures

56:3-13.3b: Review of registration decisions, procedure

56:3-13.4: Certificate of registration

56:3-13.5: Duration and renewal

56:3-13.6: Assignment, other instruments

56:3-13.7: Records

56:3-13.7a: Certificate of availability

56:3-13.8: Cancellation

56:3-13.9a: Establishment of classification of goods, services

56:3-13.10: Fraudulent registration

56:3-13.13: Common law rights

56:3-13.14: Severability

56:3-13.15: Repeal

56:3-13.16: Action for trafficking in counterfeit marks; remedies.

56:3-13.17: Destruction order

56:3-13.18: Not exclusive remedy

56:3-13.19: Estoppel

56:3-13.20: Remedies for dilution of famous marks

56:3-13.21: Regulations, fees

56:3-13.22: Additional enforcement action for certain trademark violations.

56:3-14: Citation of article

56:3-15: Registration of names, marks or devices authorized

56:3-16: Descriptions of names, marks or devices filed with county clerk and secretary of state

56:3-17: Descriptions published in newspaper

56:3-19: Affidavit of publication as evidence of publication and matters therein stated

56:3-20: Unlawful use or disposition of containers marked with registered name, mark or device

56:3-21: Violations of article; imprisonment or fine

56:3-22: Taking possession of unlawfully used containers marked with registered name, mark or device

56:3-23: Collection and enforcement of penalties, jurisdiction

56:3-25: Search warrant for unlawfully used containers marked with registered name, mark or device; procedure thereon

56:3-26: Presumptive evidence of ownership of containers

56:3-27: Disposition of fines and costs imposed and collected

56:3-28: Deposit made on delivery of containers not sale thereof

56:3-29: Civil penalties for violations of article; action at law

56:3-32: Rights of registrants under prior laws

56:3-33: Proceedings pending under prior laws

56:3-34: Laws concerning shippers of milk and milk cans not affected

56:3-35: Filing names, marks or devices; fee

56:3-36: Effect of filing

56:3-37: Assignment of business; procedure

56:3-38: Use or possession of supplies; defacing names, etc.; leases

56:3-39: Washing marked articles

56:3-40: Deposit for safe-keeping or return of articles not sale thereof

56:3-41: Penalty; recovery; jurisdiction; procedure

56:3-42: Unlawful use or other disposition of milk or cream cans

56:3-43: Agent of railroad for protection of cans

56:3-44: Presumptive evidence of unlawful use

56:3-45: Emptying and taking possession of cans unlawfully used

56:3-46: Penalty for violations of article; amount; recovery; procedure

56:3-47: Complaint for unlawful use of cans; jurisdiction; search warrant; procedure

56:3-48: Deposit for return of marked baskets or packages

56:3-49: Penalty for violation of article