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Chapter: 6 -

56:6-1: Definitions

56:6-2: Motor fuel price signs; minimum price; no rebates or games of chance; credits earned; brand name or trademark.

56:6-2.1: Price signs to be displayed in accordance with act

56:6-2.2: Price signs; display and maintenance

56:6-2.3: Case for displaying prices; manner of stating prices.

56:6-2.4: No signs relating to prices to be posted except those authorized

56:6-2.5: Inconsistent acts superseded

56:6-3: Violations and penalties.

56:6-3.1: Sale of motor fuel during state of energy emergency.

56:6-4: Procedure for collection of penalties

56:6-4.1: Weights and measures officers may recover penalties

56:6-5: Disposition of penalties

56:6-6: Administration; rules and regulations

56:6-7: Audit, examination or investigation of books, records, papers, etc.

56:6-8: Hearings; oaths; examination of witnesses

56:6-9: Subpoenas; fees of witnesses

56:6-10: Refusal to obey subpoena; compelling compliance

56:6-11: Assistant or deputy commissioner; civil service; continuous employment for 30 months

56:6-12: Records kept by retailers, preservation

56:6-12.1: Aboveground pumps, totalizer required when in operation

56:6-12.2: Ensuring integrity of totalizers, seals

56:6-12.3: Interference with, failure to use totalizer, fourth degree crime

56:6-13: Record of commissioner's official act; copies of rules, regulations, etc.

56:6-14: Suspension, revocation of license

56:6-15: Enforcement expenses

56:6-16: Separability of provisions

56:6-17: Title of Act

56:6-19: Legislative declaration of policy

56:6-20: Short title

56:6-21: Definitions

56:6-22: Rebates, allowances and discounts; leases and contracts; discrimination in price; violations a misdemeanor

56:6-23: Contracts in violation of act

56:6-24: Rules and regulations

56:6-25: Action to restrain violation; action for damages

56:6-26: Suspension or revocation of license; reinstatement

56:6-27: Sale during suspension or revocation of license prohibited; disciplinary proceedings, bar or abatement of

56:6-28: Review of suspension or revocation or refusal to reinstate license

56:6-29: Enforcement of act; employment of inspectors and other personnel

56:6-30: Powers available in enforcement of act

56:6-31: Partial invalidity

56:6-32: Effective date