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Chapter: 10 -

58:10-23.11: Short title

58:10-23.11a: Findings and declarations

58:10-23.11b: Definitions.

58:10-23.11c: Hazardous substance discharge prohibited; exceptions

58:10-23.11d1: Definitions

58:10-23.11d2: Submission of discharge prevention, control and countermeasure plan

58:10-23.11d3: Submission of discharge response, cleanup and removal contingency plan

58:10-23.11d4: Renewal of plans

58:10-23.11d5: Retention of evidence of financial responsibility of cleanups.

58:10-23.11d6: Regulation of submitted plans, renewals, amendments

58:10-23.11d7: Filing of plans with local emergency prevention or planning committees

58:10-23.11d8: Distribution of submission, filing of plans

58:10-23.11d9: Review of plans filed

58:10-23.11d10: Report of unauthorized discharge, system malfunction

58:10-23.11d11: Compliance with construction, performance standards

58:10-23.11d12: Inspection of facility required

58:10-23.11d13: Maintenance of records

58:10-23.11d14: Rules, regulations

58:10-23.11d15: Compliance not deemed defense

58:10-23.11d16: Submission of status report

58:10-23.11d17: Maps filed with DEP before June 5, 1998 under P.L. 1990, c.78

58:10-23.11e: Person responsible for discharge; notice to department

58:10-23.11e1: Hazardous discharge by aircraft to be reported

58:10-23.11e2: Publication of information relative to contribution suit settlements.

58:10-23.11f: Cleanup and removal of hazardous substances.

58:10-23.11f1: Illumination for non-daylight hazardous substance transfers

58:10-23.11f2: Transfer of hazardous liquids regulated

58:10-23.11f3: Identification of hazardous liquids; use of containment device; prevention, response measures

58:10-23.11f4: County, municipal ordinances etc., superseded

58:10-23.11f5: Violations, penalties

58:10-23.11f6: Rules, regulations

58:10-23.11f7: Use of New Jersey Spill Compensation Fund monies for program costs

58:10-23.11f8: Short title

58:10-23.11f9: Findings and declarations

58:10-23.11f10: Definitions

58:10-23.11f11: Indemnification of the contractor; conditions

58:10-23.11f12: Indemnification agreements

58:10-23.11f13: Initiation of defense and indemnification, cooperation

58:10-23.11f14: Notice of claim, periods of limitations

58:10-23.11f15: Representation other than by Attorney General; intervention

58:10-23.11f16: Submission of judgment to Attorney General

58:10-23.11f17: Award for damages

58:10-23.11f18: Subrogation; construction with other law

58:10-23.11f19: Performance surety bond

58:10-23.11f20: Rules, regulations

58:10-23.11f21: Act not applicable to certain contracts or agreements

58:10-23.11f22: Owners of certain contaminated real property, immunity from liability.

58:10-23.11g: Liability for cleanup and removal costs.

58:10-23.11g1: Hazardous discharge cleanup liability

58:10-23.11g2: Owners, operators of vessels shall assure financial resources for cleanup costs, enforcement

58:10-23.11g3: No liability for cleanup and removal costs for actions taken with respect to discharge of petroleum

58:10-23.11g4: Definitions

58:10-23.11g5: Liability for cleanup costs, damages

58:10-23.11g6: Status and liability of holders after foreclosure

58:10-23.11g7: Departmental rights retained; violations, penalties

58:10-23.11g8: Environmental inspection not required

58:10-23.11g8a: Compliance not required; loss of exemption

58:10-23.11g9: Obligations of trusts, estates

58:10-23.11g10: Discharges on certain public property; definitions

58:10-23.11g11: Immunity from liability for certain discharges

58:10-23.11g12: Exemption from liability for cleanup and removal costs, certain; limitations.

58:10-23.11h: Imposition of tax; measurement; amount; return; filing; failure to file, penalty; presumptive evidence; powers of director.

58:10-23.11h1: List of major facilities

58:10-23.11h2: List of facilities for nonpetroleum products

58:10-23.11i: Spill Compensation Fund

58:10-23.11j: Administrator

58:10-23.11j1: Transfer to Environmental Protection

58:10-23.11j2: Moneys transferred

58:10-23.11j3: Transfer of employees

58:10-23.11j4: Substitution

58:10-23.11j5: Pending proceedings unaffected

58:10-23.11j6: "Agency Transfer Act" applicable

58:10-23.11j7: Services of other State agencies

58:10-23.11k: Claims; limitations; forms and procedures; false information; misdemeanor; notice

58:10-23.11k1: Claim for cost recovery filed by local unit

58:10-23.11l: Settlement between claimant and alleged discharger

58:10-23.11m: Settlement of claim against fund

58:10-23.11n: Boards of arbitration

58:10-23.11o: Disbursement of moneys from fund; purposes

58:10-23.11q: Payment of cleanup costs or damages arising from single incident

58:10-23.11r: Awards in excess of current balance of fund; payment on pro rata basis; priorities

58:10-23.11s: Actions against bond, insurer or other person providing evidence of financial responsibility

58:10-23.11t: Rules and regulations

58:10-23.11u: Violations; remedies; enforcement

58:10-23.11u1: Additional civil penalties

58:10-23.11v: Inapplicability of act to pursuit of other remedy; double compensation for same damages or costs; prohibition

58:10-23.11w: Severability

58:10-23.11x: Liberal construction

58:10-23.11y: Annual report

58:10-23.11y1: Annual report

58:10-23.11z: Recommendations for amendments to this act to conform with federal legislation

58:10-23.12: Legislative findings and declarations

58:10-23.13: Hazardous waste health care task force; establishment; duties

58:10-23.14: Rules and regulations

58:10-23.15: Definitions

58:10-23.16: Database listing known hazardous discharge sites, cases, areas of concern; ranking system.

58:10-23.17: Procedure for preparation and adoption

58:10-23.18: Removal and cleanup of hazardous discharge site by municipality; reimbursement of costs

58:10-23.19: Plan for cleanup and removal by municipality; submission to and disposition by department

58:10-23.20: Legislative findings and declarations

58:10-23.21: Definitions

58:10-23.24: Hazardous substance contingency response master plan.

58:10-23.25: Short title

58:10-23.26: Legislative findings

58:10-23.27: Definitions

58:10-23.28: Loading of vessels with materials disposable at sea; rules and regulations

58:10-23.29: Loading of vessels or handling of materials for disposition at sea; permit; fees for services

58:10-23.30: Injunctive relief; penalties

58:10-23.31: Powers, duties and functions under other laws; effect of act

58:10-23.32: Severability

58:10-23.33: Construction of act

58:10-23.34: Hazardous Discharge Site Cleanup Fund

58:10-24: Definitions

58:10-25: Pipe lines across fresh water

58:10-26: Reconstruction or removal of pipe line

58:10-27: Action by commission to prevent escape of pipe line contents; notice

58:10-28: Notice of decision of commission

58:10-29: Specifications for reconstruction of pipe line

58:10-30: Removal of pipe line on failure to reconstruct

58:10-31: Right of commission to enter upon lands; damages

58:10-32: Review of commission's decisions

58:10-33: Remedy for injury to waters by pipe line

58:10-34: Unlawful construction or maintenance of pipe line; penalty

58:10-35: Damages for breakage or leakage of pipe line

58:10-35.1: Permit required

58:10-35.2: Rules and regulations; restrictions in permits; violations

58:10-35.3: Application for permit; map

58:10-35.4: Application of act

58:10-46: Definitions

58:10-47: Adoption of regulations requiring registration of pipeline facility

58:10-48: Study on feasibility and necessity of certain actions

58:10-49: Submission of written report to Governor, Legislature

58:10-50: Application of act to intrastate pipeline facilities