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Chapter: 10A -

58:10a-1: Short title

58:10a-2: Legislative findings and declarations

58:10a-3: Definitions.

58:10a-4: Rules and regulations

58:10a-5: Powers of department.

58:10a-6: Permits; issuance; exemptions; prohibitions; requirements.

58:10a-6.1: Schedule of compliance; administrative consent order; public hearing

58:10a-6.2: Findings, declarations, determinations

58:10a-6.3: Installation, etc. of water pollution control facilities during pendency of permit application

58:10a-6.4: Definitions relative to certain hazardous discharge sites.

58:10a-6.5: Discharge of untreated, pre-treated wastewater, prohibited in certain municipalities.

58:10a-6.6: Regulations relative to handling of radionuclides.

58:10a-7: Term of permit; modification, suspension or revocation; causes; notice; contested cases

58:10a-7.1: Discharging waste in ocean waters prohibited after Dec. 31, 1991; "aquaculture" defined.

58:10a-7.2: Groundwater remedial action; contents of application for permit, requiest for consent; definitions.

58:10a-8: Establishment of more stringent effluent limitations for point source or group of point sources

58:10a-9: Applications for permits; fees; public notice; public inspection; hearing; employees to administer act

58:10a-10: Violation of act; penalty

58:10a-10.1: Mandatory civil administrative penalties

58:10a-10.2: Affirmative defenses to liability

58:10a-10.3: Request by department for information; testimony of witnesses

58:10a-10.4: Department of Environmental Protection authorized to issue summons

58:10a-10.5: Delegated local agency authorized to issue civil administrative penalty; hearing

58:10a-10.6: Report on decision upon conclusion of administrative hearing; exceptions, objections, replies

58:10a-10.7: Final decision by delegated local agency

58:10a-10.8: Appeal of civil administrative penalty, collection, interest charged

58:10a-10.9: Adoption of schedule of reimbursement

58:10a-10.10: Commissioner to take action against owner of municipal treatment works exceeding effluent limitations

58:10a-10.11: Affirmative defense against liability for certain violations

58:10a-10.12: Additional penalties for illegal, improper disposal of regulated medical waste.

58:10a-11: Person with delegated responsibility to approve permits; qualifications

58:10a-12: Liberal construction; severability

58:10a-13: Pending actions or proceedings, orders, regulations and rules; effect of act

58:10a-14: Legislative oversight committees

58:10a-14.1: Report on implementation and enforcement actions; notice of significant noncompliers in newspaper

58:10a-14.2: Contents of annual report

58:10a-14.3: Guidelines

58:10a-14.4: Clean Water Enforcement Fund

58:10a-14.5: Wastewater Treatment Operators' Training Account

58:10a-14.6: Advisory Committee on Water Supply and Wastewater Licensed Operator Training

58:10a-15: Legislative findings

58:10a-16: Definitions

58:10a-17: Sewage system cleaner containing restricted chemical material; distribution or sale, or use, introduction or application; prohibition

58:10a-18: Regulations; identification and quantification of ingredients; information by manufacturers; deletion or addition to list of restricted chemical mater

58:10a-19: Confidentiality of information from manufacturer

58:10a-20: Violations; penalties

58:10a-21: Findings, declarations

58:10a-22: Definitions.

58:10a-23: Registration of underground storage facilities.

58:10a-24: Permit for modification

58:10a-24.1: No tank services on underground storage tank; exceptions.

58:10a-24.2: Services on underground storage tanks by certified persons; exceptions.

58:10a-24.3: Examinations for certification to perform services on underground storage tanks.

58:10a-24.4: Certification, renewal.

58:10a-24.5: Denial, revocation, etc. of certification.

58:10a-24.6: Violations, penalties

58:10a-24.7: Guidelines, rules, regulations.

58:10a-24.8: Interim rules, regulations establishing certification program.

58:10a-24.9: Required DEP submissions copied to municipality.

58:10a-25: Rules, regulations

58:10a-26: Monthly inspections

58:10a-27: Inventory records

58:10a-28: Leaks, discharges

58:10a-29: Requirements to meet standards for underground storage tanks.

58:10a-29.1: Requirement for contract for leak detection testing.

58:10a-30: Inspection authority

58:10a-30.1: Underground storage tank inspection program, established

58:10a-31: Rules, regulations

58:10a-32: Penalties

58:10a-33: Exemption

58:10a-34: Other powers unaffected

58:10a-35: Local laws superseded

58:10a-37.1: Short title.

58:10a-37.2: Definitions relative to upgrade, remediation, closure of underground storage tanks.

58:10a-37.3: Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Remediation, Upgrade, and Closure Fund, establishment.

58:10a-37.3a: DEP notification to municipalities of fund.

58:10a-37.4: Allocation of fund; priorities.

58:10a-37.5: Awarding of financial assistance.

58:10a-37.5a: Underground storage tank loans for school districts.

58:10a-37.5b: Development of cost guidance document, publication.

58:10a-37.6: Application for financial assistance; fee.

58:10a-37.7: Conditions for awarding financial assistance.

58:10a-37.8: Rules, regulations relative to application procedure.

58:10a-37.9: Enforcement action prohibited; exceptions.

58:10a-37.10: Terms of loans.

58:10a-37.11: Insurance coverage for costs of remediation.

58:10a-37.12: Memorandum of agreement relative to powers, responsibilities.

58:10a-37.13: Joint application filing, review and approval procedure.

58:10a-37.14: Authority's right of subrogation, recovery.

58:10a-37.15: Violations, penalties.

58:10a-37.16: Liens for financial assistance.

58:10a-37.17: Rules, regulations.

58:10a-37.18: Imposition of annual surcharge.

58:10a-37.19: Joint annual report.

58:10a-37.20: Construction of act.

58:10a-37.21: Appropriation for Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Remediation, Upgrade and Closure Fund.

58:10a-37.22: Penalty for failure to register underground storage tank; exceptions.

58:10a-37.23: Submission of evidence of financial responsibility

58:10a-38: Findings, determinations

58:10a-39: Definitions

58:10a-40: Pollutant discharge limits

58:10a-41: Conformance to land-based sludge management criteria

58:10a-42: Plan for land-based management

58:10a-43: Compliance schedules

58:10a-44: Short title

58:10a-45: Findings

58:10a-46: Ocean disposal prohibited

58:10a-47: Short title

58:10a-48: Definitions

58:10a-48.1: Dumping material in ocean prohibited.

58:10a-49: Crime of 3rd degree; penalty; reward

58:10a-49.1: Actions by commissioner.

58:10a-50: Necessary dumping

58:10a-51: Submission of proposals

58:10a-52: Short title

58:10a-53: Findings, declarations

58:10a-54: Educational materials

58:10a-55: Distribution to school districts

58:10a-56: Sewage discharge prohibited

58:10a-57: Sewage pumpout devices, portable toilet emptying receptacles

58:10a-58: Submittal of assessment study, recommendations

58:10a-59: Penalties for violation

58:10a-60: Application for approval

58:10a-61: Definitions relative to the application, sale, use of fertilizer.

58:10a-62: Actions prohibited when applying fertilizer.

58:10a-63: Additional requirements.

58:10a-64: Fertilizer application certification program.

58:10a-65: Violations, penalties.

58:10a-66: Program of public education.

58:10a-67: Preemption of existing ordinances, resolutions.

58:10a-68: Inapplicability to commercial farms.

58:10a-69: Rules, regulations.

58:10a-70: Definitions relative to personal care products containing microbeads.

58:10a-71: Production, manufacture of personal care product containing synthetic plastic microbeads; prohibited, exceptions.

58:10a-72: Violations, penalties.

58:10a-73: Preemption of ordinance, resolution of local government entity.