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Chapter: 10B -

58:10B-1: Definitions.

58:10B-1.1: Short title

58:10B-1.2: Findings, declarations relative to remediation of contaminated sites

58:10B-1.3: Remediation of discharge of hazardous substance; requirements.

58:10B-2: Rules, regulations, deviations from regulations.

58:10B-2.1: Departmental oversight of cleanup, remediation; fee, costs, certain, permitted.

58:10B-3: Establishment, maintenance of remediation funding source.

58:10B-3.1: Authority to perform remediation of condemned property by local government unit, certain conditions.

58:10B-3.2: Annual charge for prompt remediation of certain industrial properties; inapplicability.

58:10B-4: Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund.

58:10B-5: Financial assistance from remediation fund.

58:10B-6: Financial assistance and grants from the fund; allocations; purposes.

58:10B-6.1: Grants, Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund; certain brownfield sites.

58:10B-6.2: Time limit for expending of grant awarded.

58:10B-7: Awarding of financial assistance, grants, priorities.

58:10B-8: Financial assistance, grant recipients' compliance, conditions.

58:10B-8.1: Conditions for payment of grant from Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund.

58:10B-9: Violators of environmental law may not receive financial assistance, grant

58:10B-10: Legal responsibility of applicant for compliance

58:10B-11: Remediation funding source surcharge.

58:10B-12: Adoption of remedial standards.

58:10B-12.1: Green and sustainable practices encouraged.

58:10B-13: Use of nonresidential standards or other controls, requirements.

58:10B-13.1: No further action letter; covenant not to sue.

58:10B-13.2: Covenant not to sue, provisions.

58:10B-14: Development of guidance document

58:10B-15: Responsibility for prior discharges, exemptions; penalties

58:10B-16: Access to property to conduct remediation

58:10B-17: Review of department decision concerning remediation

58:10B-17.1: Commencement of civil actions under environmental laws, limitations; definitions.

58:10B-18: Preparation, distribution of informational materials

58:10B-19: Implementation of interim response action

58:10B-20: Remediation Guarantee Fund.

58:10B-21: Investigation, determination of extent of contamination of aquifers.

58:10B-22: Investigation, mapping of historic fill areas.

58:10B-23: "Brownfield's Redevelopment Task Force"; duties

58:10B-23.1: Findings, declarations relative to redevelopment of brownfield sites.

58:10B-23.2: Preparation of inventory of brownfield sites; definitions.

58:10B-24: Duties of Department of Environmental Protection

58:10B-24.1: Written notification of contaminated site remediation.

58:10B-24.2: Copy of remedial action plan, site health and safety plan to municipality.

58:10B-24.3: Notification to public of remediation of contaminated site; requirements.

58:10B-24.4: Definitions relative to remediation of contaminated sites.

58:10B-24.5: Notification of master list of known hazardous discharge sites; DEP website.

58:10B-24.6: Definitions relative to procedures concerning soil contamination on school property.

58:10B-24.7: Provision of notice to parent, guardian, staff.

58:10B-25: Designation of State environmental agency under federal law

58:10B-25.1: Guidelines for designation of brownfield development areas.

58:10B-25.2: Grant expenditures for remedial action constitutes debt of property owner to fund; lien.

58:10B-25.3: Pilot program for awarding grants to nonprofit organizations; conditions.

58:10B-26: Definitions relative to redevelopment agreements.

58:10B-27: Terms and conditions of agreements.

58:10B-27.1: State may enter into certain redevelopment agreements at certain landfill sites.

58:10B-27.2: Entry of State into redevelopment agreement, certain circumstances.

58:10B-28: Eligibility for reimbursement; certification.

58:10B-29: Qualification for certification of reimbursement for remediation costs; memorandum of agreement.

58:10B-30: Brownfield Site Reimbursement Fund.

58:10B-31: Reimbursement of remediation costs.