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Chapter: 10C -

58:10C-1: Short title.

58:10C-2: Definitions relative to site remediation.

58:10C-3: Site Remediation Professional Licensing Board.

58:10C-4: Powers of board vested in members.

58:10C-5: Powers, duties of board.

58:10C-6: Rules, regulations.

58:10C-7: Establishment of licensing program, requirements.

58:10C-8: Suspension, revocation of license; reinstatement.

58:10C-9: Application for renewal of license; fee.

58:10C-10: Term of validity for license.

58:10C-11: License required for site remediation professional.

58:10C-12: Temporary site remediation professional license program.

58:10C-13: Guidelines for procedures for issuance of temporary licenses.

58:10C-14: Certification of documents by site remediation professional.

58:10C-15: Use of certified subsurface evaluator prohibited.

58:10C-16: Protection of public health, safety, environment highest priority.

58:10C-16.1: Remediation professionals' obligations relative to unoccupied structure.

58:10C-17: Actions of board relative to violations.

58:10C-18: Authority of board, department to enter site.

58:10C-19: Establishment of permit program.

58:10C-20: Maintenance of data, documents, information.

58:10C-21: Inspection of documents, information; review.

58:10C-22: Invalidation of response action outcome.

58:10C-23: Recommendation for investigation of licensed site remediation professional.

58:10C-24: Annual audit.

58:10C-25: Conditions for not conducting an audit.

58:10C-26: Retaliatory action against licensed site remediation professional prohibited.

58:10C-27: Direct oversight of remediation by department; conditions.

58:10C-27.1: Extensions permitted; application.

58:10C-28: Establishment of mandatory remediation timeframes.

58:10C-29: Adoption of interim rules, regulations.