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Chapter: 11 -

58:11-9.1: Definitions of words and phrases

58:11-9.2: Permits for connections required; expiration

58:11-9.3: Prerequisites to issuance of permit

58:11-9.4: Forms; rules and regulations

58:11-9.5: Revocation of permit restoration

58:11-9.6: Renewal of permit, prerequisites to

58:11-9.7: Inspection of connection

58:11-9.8: Violations; other laws respecting remedies not affected

58:11-9.9: Recovery of penalties, procedure

58:11-9.10: Injunctive relief against violations

58:11-9.11: Approval of application by local board or owner not required

58:11-23: Short title

58:11-24: Definitions

58:11-24.1: Establishment of septic system density standard.

58:11-25: Proposed system or facility; compliance with standards of construction

58:11-25a: Definitions

58:11-25b: Installation and use of alternative waste treatment systems and greywater systems

58:11-25c: Special assessments against alternative system users

58:11-25d: Standards regarding installation and use of alternative systems

58:11-25.1: Subdivision approval to cover 50 or more realty improvements; certification of proposed water supply and sewerage facilities

58:11-26: Certification of compliance

58:11-27: Application for certification

58:11-28: Issuance or denial of certification; time; statement of reasons for denial

58:11-29: Revocation of certification by state department in certain cases; time; statement of reasons

58:11-30: Change in condition of land affecting operations covered by certification

58:11-31: Revocation or denial of certification; hearing

58:11-32: Inspection and tests; right of entry

58:11-33: Covering sewerage facilities; permission

58:11-34: Filing ordinances establishing similar requirements and minimum standards for construction

58:11-35: Advisory committee; duties; personnel

58:11-36: Standards for construction; minimum requirements; promulgation

58:11-36.1: DEP precluded from imposing certain certification requirements on installers of individual subsurface sewage disposal systems.

58:11-37: Appeal by advisory committee

58:11-38: Violations

58:11-39: Penalties

58:11-40: Right of board to order work stoppage; service of copy of order; violations; penalties

58:11-41: Injunction

58:11-42: Effective date

58:11-43: Study to determine restriction as to types of sewerage facilities

58:11-44: Designation of critical areas by regulation

58:11-45: Contents of regulation

58:11-46: Notice and hearing

58:11-47: Adoption of regulations; publication

58:11-48: Violation; penalties

58:11-49: Legislative findings

58:11-50: Definitions

58:11-51: Rules and regulations; establishment, alteration or abolition

58:11-51.1: Findings, declarations

58:11-51.2: Pretreatment of industrial discharges

58:11-52: Effective date of standards; persons subject to standards

58:11-53: Enforcement by agencies; application by users; rules and regulations; inspection

58:11-54: Violations; injunction

58:11-55: Enforcement

58:11-56: Violations; closing off of use of sewerage connections

58:11-57: Necessity for issuance of permit for use if capacity of plant exceeded; additional pretreatment standards

58:11-58: Severability

58:11-59: Failure to comply by small water, sewer companies.

58:11-60: Compensation for acquisition of small water, sewer company.

58:11-61: Order for acquisition of small water, sewer company.

58:11-62: Acquisition, improvements to assure compliance.

58:11-63: Collection of differential rate from customers of acquired company.

58:11-63.1: Costs of acquisition, improvements eligible for financing.

58:11-63.2: Acquiring entity not responsible for prior discharge of hazardous substance; immunity from liability; exceptions.

58:11-63.3: Violations, penalties.

58:11-63.4: Construction of act as to BPU enforcement.

58:11-64: Short title

58:11-65: Definitions

58:11-66: Systems; licensed operator; classifications and reclassifications

58:11-67: Examinations; issuance of license; board of examiners; advisory bodies

58:11-68: Fees; schedule; disposition; duration and renewal of licenses

58:11-69: Issuance of license without examination

58:11-70: Revocation or suspension

58:11-71: Violations; penalties

58:11-72: Inapplicability of act to prior or pending orders, proceedings or actions

58:11-73: Liberal construction of act; severability