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Chapter: 11B -


Chapter: 11B - Title amended.

58:11B-1: Short title

58:11B-2: Findings, determinations

58:11B-3: Definitions relative to the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust.

58:11B-4: "New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust"

58:11B-5: Powers of trust.

58:11B-5.1: Request by local government for financing of environmental infrastructure projects.

58:11B-5.2: Financing cost estimate.

58:11B-6: Issuance of bonds, notes, other obligations.

58:11B-7: Covenants by trust

58:11B-8: Pledges binding

58:11B-9: Loans to local governments.

58:11B-9.1: "Emergency Loan Fund."

58:11B-9.2: "Planning and Design Fund."

58:11B-9.3: "Onsite Wastewater Disposal Loan Fund."

58:11B-9.4: "Supplemental Loan Fund."

58:11B-9.5: "Disaster Relief Emergency Financing Program Fund."

58:11B-9.6: "Equipment Loan Fund," "Equipment Loan Program."

58:11B-10: "Wastewater treatment system general loan fund"

58:11B-10.1: "Water supply facilities general loan fund"

58:11B-10.2: Loan Origination Fee Fund.

58:11B-10.3: Department of Transportation Loan Origination Fee Fund.

58:11B-10.4: State Transportation Infrastructure Bank Fund.

58:11B-10.5: Maintenance of administrative responsibilities.

58:11B-11: Reserve, guarantee funds

58:11B-12: Unpaid obligations of local government units

58:11B-13: No personal liability

58:11B-14: Pledge to bondholders

58:11B-15: Authorized investment

58:11B-16: Conveyance of government property

58:11B-17: Tax exemption

58:11B-18: Default

58:11B-19: Application of trust funds

58:11B-19.1: Receipt of federal funds by trust.

58:11B-20: Project priority list.

58:11B-20.1: Priority system for water supply projects; policies.

58:11B-20.2: Priority system for transportation projects.

58:11B-21: Financial plan

58:11B-21.1: Submission of financial plan to Legislature

58:11B-22: Approval of financial plan by Legislature

58:11B-22.1: Submission of financial plan, details; approval

58:11B-22.2: Submission of consolidated financial plan.

58:11B-22.3: Submission of financial plan to the Legislature.

58:11B-22.4: Certain allocations unaffected.

58:11B-23: Expenditure of funds

58:11B-24: Annual audit

58:11B-25: Rules, regulations for loans, guarantees

58:11B-26: Affirmative action program

58:11B-27: Rules, regulations, adoption procedure