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Chapter: 12A -

58:12A-1: Short title

58:12A-2: Legislative findings and declarations

58:12A-3: Definitions.

58:12A-4: Powers, duties of commissioner relative to drinking water regulations.

58:12A-4.1: Limitation on construction of new or extension of public water systems.

58:12A-5: Regulations; variances or exemptions; duration

58:12A-6: Knowledge of contaminant in or likely to enter water system; actions by commissioner

58:12A-7: Emergency circumstances; provision of safe drinking water

58:12A-8: Failure of public water supply system to comply with regulations or requirements; notice requirements

58:12A-8.2: Provision of boil water notices.

58:12A-9: General powers and duties of commissioner.

58:12A-10: Violations; remedies.

58:12A-11: Severability; liberal construction; continuation of rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to repealed statutes

58:12A-12: Public community water system; periodic tests for hazardous contaminants

58:12A-12.1: Additional information included in Consumer Confidence Report by public community water systems.

58:12A-12.2: Rules, regulations.

58:12A-12.3: Certain notice exemption not exercised.

58:12A-12.4: Definitions.

58:12A-12.5: Written notice provided by public water system.

58:12A-12.6: Required actions of landlord.

58:12A-12.7: Definitions relative to drinking water testing.

58:12A-12.8: Water testing request by customer.

58:12A-12.9: Drinking water test following replacement of lead service line.

58:12A-13: Maximum contaminant levels of certain organic compounds; list of contaminants; rules and regulations

58:12A-14: Test results; submission to department; spot checks

58:12A-15: Excessive contaminant in system; compliance within one year or earlier; extension; failure to comply; remedies

58:12A-16: Voluntary procedures for testing for homeowners with well

58:12A-17: Tariffs; increase by order to equal service costs of tests

58:12A-18: Budget certification; cost of treatment technique

58:12A-19: Annual report

58:12A-20: Drinking water quality institute

58:12A-21: Water tax

58:12A-22: Water Supply Replacement Trust Fund.

58:12A-22.1: Radium-contaminated water supply sub-account; indication of radium; confirmatory test; loans

58:12A-22.2: Water Supply Remediation sub-account.

58:12A-22.3: NJHMFA loans to homeowners.

58:12A-22.4: DEP water standards; priority system for NJHMFA loans.

58:12A-22.5: Homeowner loans repaid by spill compensation claims

58:12A-23: Funding of study to determine extent water supplies contaminated with hazardous substances; allocation for loans to municipalities to provide alternat

58:12A-24: 5% limit on administration costs

58:12A-25: Loans to qualifying municipality or municipally-owned or privately-owned public water supply system for extension of public water supply system to res

58:12A-26: Short title

58:12A-27: Water testing of private well as provision of contract of sale; reviewing water testing results

58:12A-28: Water test parameters

58:12A-29: Rules, regulations; additional parameters

58:12A-30: Water testing by laboratories; conditions

58:12A-31: Actions on water testing results; information for public record

58:12A-32: Lessor's water testing responsibilities for private wells.

58:12A-33: Public information, education program, established

58:12A-34: Local health authority not preempted

58:12A-35: Report to Legislature, Governor

58:12A-36: Staffing for DEP

58:12A-37: Annual budget request by DEP for implementation and staffing

58:12A-38: Findings, declarations relative to entry onto property to perform lead service line replacements.

58:12A-39: Adoption of ordinance to enter property to perform a lead service line replacement.

58:12A-40: Findings relative to presence of lead in drinking water.

58:12A-41: Definitions relative to presence of lead in drinking water.

58:12A-42: Service line inventory.

58:12A-43: Written notice of composition of service line.

58:12A-45: Bearing of project costs.

58:12A-46: Report detailing progress in replacing lead service lines.

58:12A-47: Rules, regulations.