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Chapter: 14 - Boundaries of Passaic Valley Sewerage District

58:14-1: Boundaries of Passaic Valley Sewerage District

58:14-1.9: Passaic Valley Sewerage District to include part of borough of Franklin Lakes

58:14-1.10: Boundary lines of Passaic Valley sewerage district, altered, amended, extended

58:14-2: Passaic valley sewerage commissioners; body corporate; general powers

58:14-3: Appointment of commissioners; removal; vacancies

58:14-4: $10,000 salary

58:14-5: Commissioners not to be interested in contracts; removal of offender; contracts void

58:14-6: Annual organization; officers, agents and employees

58:14-6.1: Group hospital service; deductions

58:14-6.2: Premium payments by Commissioners permissive

58:14-7: Discharge of sewage or other polluting matter into certain waters prohibited; enforcement

58:14-8: Discharge of sewage or certain other matter, articles or substances into enumerated waters prohibited; penalty

58:14-9: Municipalities may request commissioners to prepare plans and estimates for construction of intercepting sewers

58:14-10: Payment of preliminary expenses by municipality

58:14-11: Preparation and delivery of plans and estimates to municipalities; records

58:14-12: Contracts for construction, maintenance and operation of intercepting sewer; contents

58:14-13: Apportionment of cost of construction; valuation of taxable property

58:14-14: Provision for increase of sewer capacity

58:14-15: Annual apportionment of cost of maintenance, repair and operation

58:14-15.1: Installment payments for cost of maintenance, repair and operation

58:14-16: Contract provisions as to construction, repair and operation; purchase of lands

58:14-17: Items included in cost of construction

58:14-18: Items included in cost of maintenance, repairs and operation

58:14-19: Contracting municipalities to exercise powers of eminent domain

58:14-20: Commissioners may acquire and condemn lands; construction and operation of sewer

58:14-21: Location of sewer; entry upon and digging up of streets, etc.

58:14-22: $7,500 bid threshold

58:14-23: Contracting municipalities may borrow money and issue bonds; limit of indebtedness

58:14-24: Commissioners may borrow money; security

58:14-25: Contracts with certain municipalities and persons for use of sewers, etc.

58:14-26: Municipalities contracting under section 58:14-25 may borrow money

58:14-27: Contract with certain municipalities to pay their portion of cost of operation and maintenance

58:14-28: Contracts by municipalities with others for use of reserve sewer capacity

58:14-29: Annual statement of reserve sewer capacity

58:14-30: Supplementary contracts

58:14-31: Control of sewers; payment by municipalities of cost of maintenance and operation

58:14-32: Audit of accounts of commissioners; financial report; liability of commissioners

58:14-33: Suits to enforce provisions of chapter

58:14-34: Lease of lands to municipalities maintaining joint sewers; contracts for disposal of sludge; use of moneys received

58:14-34.1: Definitions

58:14-34.2: Leases for use of intercepting sewer authorized

58:14-34.3: Determination of capacity before making lease; hearing; notice

58:14-34.4: Required provisions in lease

58:14-34.5: Distribution of rentals

58:14-34.6: Lessees' use not to interfere with use by contracting agencies

58:14-34.7: Use of intercepting sewer in excess of allotted capacity; restraining or permitting; rental for excess use

58:14-34.8: Repeal

58:14-34.9: Lease with minimum annual rental

58:14-34.10: Legislative declaration as to need for repair, replacement and improvement

58:14-34.11: Definitions

58:14-34.12: Additional powers of commissioners

58:14-34.13: Continuation of status of commissioners

58:14-34.14: Bond issue authorized; resolution; notice and hearing; issuance and sale; bond anticipation notes

58:14-34.15: Notice limiting time for questioning validity; bar of actions and defenses

58:14-34.16: Negotiability of bonds, obligations and coupons

58:14-34.17: Contractual provisions of bond resolution

58:14-34.18: Remedies of bond holders

58:14-34.19: Exemptions from liability

58:14-34.20: Interest on indebtedness as cost of system

58:14-34.21: Mortgage, pledge, encumbrance or disposal of system; exemption from judicial process

58:14-34.22: Investments in bonds; security for deposits

58:14-34.23: Exemption from taxation

58:14-34.24: Pledge, covenant and agreement with bondholders

58:14-34.25: Powers and duties cumulative and additional

58:14-34.26: Partial invalidity

58:14-34.27: Agreement with contracting agency for use of pumping station and treatment facilities

58:14-34.28: Hearing on proposed agreement

58:14-34.29: Contents of agreement

58:14-34.30: Agreements limited by capacity of facilities

58:14-35: Rules and regulations; civil penalty for violations

58:14-36: Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners, establishment of reduced rates for certain affordable housing projects.

58:14-37: Customers of Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners, electronic billing, payment permitted.