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Chapter: 16A -

58:16A-1: Short title; declaration of advisability

58:16A-2: Receipt of moneys from Federal Government, counties and municipalities for reimbursement

58:16A-4.1: Flood control facilities; authorization to plan, acquire, construct and operate

58:16A-5: Authority of commissioner of environmental protection

58:16A-6: Relocation and reconstruction for flood control project

58:16A-7: Participation by municipalities or counties, or agency or instrumentality thereof

58:16A-8: Public utilities to remove, relocate and reconstruct facilities

58:16A-9: Acquisition of property; eminent domain; entry on property

58:16A-10: Lease, sale or exchange of property taken; conveyance to United States

58:16A-11: Certification by Attorney-General of title or interest of State in property

58:16A-12: Easement rights; termination

58:16A-14: Completed works; maintenance

58:16A-15: Payment of moneys appropriated

58:16A-16: Approval of projects by legislature

58:16A-17: Money received pursuant to Federal Flood Control Act of 1938; disbursement; expenditures

58:16A-50: Short title; declaration of policy

58:16A-51: Definitions

58:16A-52: Delineation of flood hazard areas

58:16A-53: Markers

58:16A-55: Land in designated floodway; rules, regulations and orders concerning development and use; waiver

58:16A-55.1: Repair or rebuilding of lawful preexisting structure within flood hazard area

58:16A-55.2: Structure or alteration within area subject to inundation by 100 year design flood of nondelineated stream; approval; conditions

58:16A-55.3: Application for development under Municipal Land Use Law; approval by department

58:16A-55.4: County stormwater control and drainage plans; utilization on determinations of approval

58:16A-55.5: County water resources associations

58:16A-55.6: Delegation of power to approve or disapprove application to county governing body

58:16A-55.7: Exemptions to requirement for permit to repair dam

58:16A-55.8: Hazardous substances, placing, storing in certain flood plains, prohibited.

58:16A-56: Minimum standards for local rules and regulations

58:16A-57: Rules and regulations by affected municipality or other responsible entity for development and use of land in flood fringe area

58:16A-58: Failure to adopt or enforce local rules and regulations; action by department

58:16A-59: Adoption of rules and regulations by department; requirements

58:16A-60: Inapplicability of rules and regulations to lands regulated by Wetlands Act of 1970

58:16A-60.1: Zero net fill requirement in flood hazard areas, certain.

58:16A-61: Establishment of full value of lands for assessment

58:16A-62: Local rules and regulations more restrictive than state standards; authorization

58:16A-63: Violations of act; remedies.

58:16A-64: Liberal construction

58:16A-65: Effect of act on powers, duties and functions on state department of environmental protection

58:16A-66: Severability

58:16A-67: Written notice of intent to undertake a project to clean, clear, desnag stream; definitions

58:16A-68: Municipal plan for flood control facilities

58:16A-100: Flood early warning system

58:16A-101: Notification of emergency management organizations and police; news broadcast

58:16A-102: "Emergency supplies" defined, regional directory database.

58:16A-103: Definitions relative to certain flood elevation standards.