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Chapter: 1A -

58:1a-1: Short title

58:1a-2: Legislative findings and declarations

58:1a-3: Definitions.

58:1a-4: State of water emergency; emergency water supply allocation plan; powers of Governor and Commissioner; orders; review

58:1a-5: Supply and diversion of water; rules and regulations

58:1a-5.1: Establishment of permit system for certain diversions of water.

58:1a-6: Permit system; development of guidelines.

58:1a-7: Diversion of water, permit, renewal; criteria for critical water supply concerns

58:1a-7.1: Transport of water from Pinelands National Reserve; prohibition

58:1a-7.2: No tax, fee imposed on diversion of water; exceptions; "aquaculture" defined.

58:1a-7.3: Limitations on modification of existing diversion permit

58:1a-7.4: Water Allocation Credit Transfer Program

58:1a-7.5: Establishment of Water Allocation Credit Exchange; regional exchange

58:1a-7.6: Report to Governor, Legislature

58:1a-8: Provisions of permit

58:1a-9: Rates

58:1a-11: Administration fees; diversion permits; water use registration; disposition.

58:1a-12: Condemnation for new or additional supply of water; approval by department

58:1a-13: New Jersey Statewide Water Supply Plan.

58:1a-13.1: Maintenance of State-owned lands in the Six Mile Reservoir Site and other unused lands.

58:1a-13.2: Existing lease, agreement unaffected concerning unused lands.

58:1a-13.3: Preparation, adoption of revisions, updates to New Jersey Statewide Water Supply Plan.

58:1a-14: Inadequate supply available to water purveyor; order for development or acquisition; certification of amount in local budget

58:1a-15: Powers and duties

58:1a-15.1: Actions consistent with Pinelands, Highlands regulation.

58:1a-16: Violations of act; remedies.

58:1a-17: Continuation of prior rules and regulations

58:1a-18: Short title.

58:1a-19: Findings, determinations relative to Rahway River Intergovernmental Cooperation Committee.

58:1a-20: Definitions relative to Rahway River Intergovernmental Cooperation Committee.

58:1a-21: "Rahway River Intergovernmental Cooperation Committee" created.

58:1a-22: Committee organization; quorum; meetings.

58:1a-23: Committee duties.

58:1a-24: Assistance provided to committee.

58:1a-25: Meetings, open; public.

58:1a-26: Reports; dissolution.