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Chapter: 22 -

58:22-1: Short title

58:22-2: Legislative findings

58:22-3: Definitions

58:22-4: Acquisition of water supply facilities; expenditures; duties of department

58:22-5: Expenditure of uncommitted funds

58:22-6: Reimbursement of state from proceeds of Water Bond Act of 1958

58:22-7: Restrictions on pumping water from south branch of Raritan river, release into Prescott brook, Round Valley reservoir.

58:22-8: Release of water into south branch of Raritan river from Spruce Run, Round Valley reservoirs.

58:22-8.1: Continuous monitoring for compliance with C.58:12A-1 et seq.; altering of releases.

58:22-9: Use and disposition of water; application; hearing; notice; objections; expense of hearing

58:22-10: Rates and charges

58:22-11: Investigations; hearings; findings; riparian rights

58:22-12: Powers of department

58:22-13: Eminent domain; law applicable

58:22-14: Regulations; relocation or removal of facilities

58:22-15: Sale or lease of land by counties, municipalities or public agencies

58:22-16: Use of reservoirs for recreation

58:22-17: Liberal construction

58:22-18: Partial invalidity

58:22-19: Effective date; operative upon approval of Water Bond Act of 1958