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Chapter: 25 -

58:25-1: Short title

58:25-2: Public policy

58:25-3: Definitions

58:25-4: Grants for feasibility studies and reports

58:25-5: Loans to local government units

58:25-6: State sewerage facilities loan fund

58:25-7: Procedures for applications for loans and grants; rules and regulations

58:25-8: Grants for water pollution control projects as qualify for federal aid and assistance

58:25-9: Municipal collector system inoperable due to unavailable interceptor system; state aid for interest and debt service costs

58:25-10: Procedures for applications for grants; rules and regulations

58:25-11: Clean water council; continuance, transfer and constitution; members; appointment; term; reimbursement of expenses; chairman and vice-chairman

58:25-12: Duties

58:25-13: Clean water scholarship intern program

58:25-14: Program of graduate study

58:25-15: Establishment

58:25-16: Administration

58:25-17: Projects; assignment

58:25-18: Eligibility

58:25-19: Interview of applicants

58:25-20: Evaluation of prospective supervisor

58:25-21: Choice of interns from and assignment to work in every county

58:25-22: Compensation

58:25-23: Short title

58:25-24: Findings, declarations

58:25-25: Standards, maps

58:25-26: Monitoring of water quality

58:25-27: Unpermitted interconnections

58:25-28: Abatement measures

58:25-29: Abatement assistance fund

58:25-30: 90% State funding

58:25-31: Priority systems

58:25-32: Rules, regulations

58:25-33: Stormwater collection systems