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Chapter: 4A - Responsibilities of well owner, drilling contractors, violations

58:4A-4.1: Responsibilities of well owner, drilling contractors, violations

58:4A-4.2: Sealing of abandoned borehole, well

58:4A-4.2a: Departmental discretion to seal borehole well; treble damages

58:4A-4.2b: "Well sealing fund" established

58:4A-5: Rules, regulations

58:4A-6: Requirements for well drilling, pump installation

58:4A-7: Board of well driller and pump installer examiners created

58:4A-8: "State Well Drillers and Pump Installers Examining and Advisory Board"

58:4A-9: Meetings of examining board

58:4A-10: Powers, duties of board.

58:4A-11: Licenses, issuance; classifications, requirements, rules, regulations, standards; continuing education requirements.

58:4A-12: Suspension, revocation of license; charges; hearing; final agency action

58:4A-13: On-site supervision required

58:4A-14: Permit required, application; fees

58:4A-14.1: Expedited permit processing service, account established

58:4A-16: Licensing without examination

58:4A-17: Expiration of license

58:4A-18: Renewal of license.

58:4A-19: Fee schedule.

58:4A-20: Powers, rights of department

58:4A-20.1: Authority of master well driller

58:4A-23: Definitions relative to well drilling

58:4A-24: Violations, penalties

58:4A-27: Partial invalidity

58:4A-28: Effective date

58:4A-29: Rules, regulations