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Chapter: 5 - State divided into two water supply districts; laws applicable

58:5-1: State divided into two water supply districts; laws applicable

58:5-2: Petition for appointment of water supply commission

58:5-3: Appointment of commissioners; terms; vacancies.

58:5-4: Salaries of commissioners

58:5-5: Name of commissions

58:5-6: Organization of commission; secretary and employees

58:5-7: Body corporate; powers

58:5-7.1: Acceptance of federal grants authorized

58:5-8: Accounts; report

58:5-9: Petition of municipality for water supply; preliminary estimate of cost

58:5-10: Hearing on proposition; notice

58:5-11: Other municipalities may join

58:5-12: Plans for water supply; estimated cost; report; form of contract.

58:5-13: Action of municipality on contract; time; extension

58:5-14: Redrafted contract; submission; resubmission

58:5-15: Duties of municipalities upon acceptance of contract; failure of municipality to act

58:5-16: Powers of commission in carrying out contracts

58:5-17: Condemnation; proceedings upon refusal of money tendered for property taken; payment into court; withdrawal

58:5-18: Construction of pipe lines and reservoirs; change of grade or location of streets, canals and railroads; condemnation

58:5-19: Acquisition from canal corporations of water rights for reservoirs; condemnation

58:5-20: Commission contracts

58:5-21: Conveyance of distribution or water plant to municipality

58:5-22: Payment by municipalities of cost of construction or acquisition of water supply

58:5-23: Payment of cost of operation; apportionment; payment in advance

58:5-24: Control of plant after completion

58:5-25: Petition of municipality for water; notice; hearing

58:5-26: Contract with municipality applying for water; payments

58:5-26.1: Customers of district water supply commission, electronic billing, payment permitted.

58:5-27: Consent for obtaining new or additional water supply

58:5-28: Contracting municipalities may borrow money; issue of bonds and notes

58:5-29: No state indebtedness authorized

58:5-30: Repeal of certain laws; saving clause

58:5-31: Short title

58:5-32: Legislative findings

58:5-33: Public policy

58:5-34: Definitions

58:5-35: Commissions public corporations

58:5-36: Powers

58:5-36.1: Participation in Oakland Flood Protection Project.

58:5-36.2: Defense, indemnification of North Jersey district water supply commission.

58:5-37: Contracts with municipalities relating to water transmission facilities

58:5-38: Appropriation of funds by municipality

58:5-39: Property held by a commission under the original act not subject to certain claims

58:5-40: Annual budgets and apportionment of expenses

58:5-41: Sale of unused water by a commission

58:5-42: Control of project after payment of bonds

58:5-43: Bond resolution

58:5-44: Issuance of bonds

58:5-45: Sale of bonds

58:5-46: Publication of bond resolution; limitation on actions

58:5-47: Negotiability of bonds

58:5-48: Agreements with holders of bonds

58:5-49: Trustees for bondholders

58:5-50: Receivers; powers

58:5-51: Liability on bonds

58:5-52: Real property; acquisition

58:5-53: Limitations on mortgage and sale of facilities

58:5-54: Investment in bonds of a commission

58:5-55: Tax exemption of interest and revenues

58:5-56: Pledge of State to bondholders

58:5-57: Construction

58:5-58: Severability clause