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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 26, HEALTH AND VITAL STATISTICS

    Chapter 1A:

      Section: 26:1A-9: Force and effect of Code; enforcement; local regulations

           The provisions of the State Sanitary Code shall have the force and effect of law. Such code shall be observed throughout the State and shall be enforced by each local board of health, the local police authorities and other enforcement agencies. Nothing herein contained however shall be deemed to limit the right of any local board of health to adopt such ordinances, rules and regulations, as, in its opinion, may be necessary for the particular locality under its jurisdiction; but such ordinances, rules and regulations shall not be in conflict with the laws of this State or the provisions of the State Sanitary Code, except, however, that such ordinances, rules and regulations may be more restrictive than the provisions of the State Sanitary Code. Every person organization or board of education having control of any public or private school in this State shall insure compliance with the State Sanitary Code as it pertains to the immunization against disease of children attending or having the right to attend such school, including any provision of the code which prohibits attendance by a child who has not been immunized.

L.1947, c. 177, p. 796, s. 9. Amended by L.1974, c. 150, s. 2, eff. Nov. 11, 1974.

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