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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 46, PROPERTY

    Chapter 26a:

      Section: 46:26a-3: Prerequisites for recording.

a. A document satisfies the prerequisites for recording if it appears from the document or the image of it delivered to the recording office that:

(1) the document is in English or accompanied by a translation into English;

(2) the document bears a signature;

(3) the document (including a corrected document submitted for re-recording) is acknowledged or proved as provided by Title 46 of the Revised Statutes;

(4) the names are printed beneath all signatures that appear on the document;

(5) if the document is a deed conveying title to real property, it

(a) fulfills the requirements of section 2 of P.L.1968, c.49 (C.46:15-6),

(b) includes a reference to the lot and block number of the real property conveyed as designated on the tax map of the municipality at the time of the conveyance or the account number of the real property,

(c) includes the name of the person who prepared the deed, and

(d) includes the mailing address of the grantee. If the real property has been subdivided, the reference shall be preceded by the words "part of." If no lot and block or account number has been assigned to the real property, the deed shall state that fact, and

(6) if the document is an assignment, release or satisfaction of a mortgage or an agreement respecting a mortgage, it states the book and page number or the document identifying number of the mortgage to which it relates if the mortgage has been given such a number.

b. A document, whether made by an individual, corporation or other entity, is not required to be executed under seal, or to contain words referring to execution under seal.

Source: 46:15-1.1; 46:18-1.

L.2011, c.217, s.1.

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