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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 46, PROPERTY

    Chapter 26A:

      Section: 46:26A-2: Documents that may be recorded.

Documents affecting real property entitled to recording are:

a. deeds or other conveyances, releases, or declarations of trust of any interest;

b. powers of attorney for conveyance or release of any interest;

c. leases, or memoranda of leases, for life or a term not less than two years;

d. mortgages or other conveyances in the nature of a mortgage;

e. liens or encumbrances and releases of liens or encumbrances on any interest;

f. assignments, discharges, cancellations, or releases;

g. options and rights of first refusal;

h. certified copies of judgments, decrees and orders of courts of record;

i. reports of condemnation commissioners filed with the Superior Court; declarations of taking duly executed by executive officials of condemnors in accordance with section 17 of P.L.1971, c.361 (C.20:3-17);

j. notices of federal tax liens, liens arising from the federal "Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act of 1980," Pub.L.96-510 (42 U.S.C.s.9601 et seq.), and other federal liens, which any Act of Congress or regulation adopted pursuant to it provides for filing of notice in the recording office designated by a state, and certificates discharging such liens;

k. restrictions affecting the real property or its use;

l. notices of settlement as provided by this chapter;

m. maps as provided by this chapter;

n. condominium master deeds and unit deeds as defined by law;

o. cooperative master declarations and proprietary leases as defined by law;

p. any other document that affects title to any interest in real property in any way or contains any agreement in relation to real property, or grants any right or interest in real property or grants any lien on real property; and

q. any other document relating to real property that is directed to be recorded by any statute or court order.

Source: 46:16-1.

L.2011, c.217, s.1.

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