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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 46, PROPERTY

    Chapter 26a:

      Section: 46:26a-12: Effect of recording.

          46:26A-12 a. Notwithstanding the provisions of P.L.2021, c.371 (C.47:1B-1 et al.), any recorded document affecting the title to real property is, from the time of recording, notice to all subsequent purchasers, mortgagees and judgment creditors of the execution of the document recorded and its contents.

b. A claim under a recorded document affecting the title to real property shall not be subject to the effect of a document that was later recorded or was not recorded unless the claimant was on notice of the later recorded or unrecorded document.

c. A deed or other conveyance of an interest in real property shall be of no effect against subsequent judgment creditors without notice, and against subsequent bona fide purchasers and mortgagees for valuable consideration without notice and whose conveyance or mortgage is recorded, unless that conveyance is evidenced by a document that is first recorded.

L.2011, c.217, s.1; amended 2021, c.371, s.9.

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