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    Chapter 14B:

      Section: 52:14B-4.1a: Compliance with interagency rules required; OAL review for clarity

           9. a. The director is authorized to refuse to accept from an agency a notice of proposal or notice of adoption which adopts, readopts or amends a rule or regulation, if the director determines that the rule or regulation and its accompanying materials do not comply satisfactorily with the interagency rules of the director. The State agency shall not be authorized to adopt, readopt or amend a rule or regulation where notice of proposal or notice of adoption is refused by the director in accordance with this provision , except by proposing the adoption, readoption or amendment in compliance with agency rules.

b. The Office of Administrative Law, upon its review and determination, shall not accept for publication any notice of intention to adopt, readopt or amend a rule or regulation, a proposed rule, summary of the proposed rule, regulatory impact analysis, or other accompanying materials which lacks a standard of clarity.

As used in this section, "standard of clarity" means the document is written in a reasonably simple and understandable manner which is easily readable. The document is drafted to provide adequate notice to affected persons and interested persons with some subject matter expertise. The document conforms to commonly accepted principles of grammar. The document contains sentences that are as short as practical, and is organized in a sensible manner. The document does not contain double negatives, confusing cross references, convoluted phrasing or unreasonably complex language. Terms of art and words with multiple meanings that may be misinterpreted are defined. The document is sufficiently complete and informative as to permit the public to understand accurately and plainly the legal authority, purposes and expected consequences of the adoption, readoption or amendment of the rule or regulation.

c. The provisions of subsection b. of this section shall not apply to any administrative rule that a State agency adopts to conform to a model code, federal rule, interstate agreement or other similar regulatory measure not written by the State agency but incorporated into an administrative rule. The State agency shall append to the proposed rule for publication a written statement describing the rule which complies with subsection b. of this section.

d. The Governor may, upon written request of a State agency, waive the requirements of this section with respect to the repromulgation, without amendment, of any rule or provision of a rule.


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