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    Chapter 14B:

      Section: 52:14B-7: New Jersey Administrative Code; New Jersey Register; publication

           7. (a) The director shall compile, index, and publish a publication to be known as the "New Jersey Administrative Code," containing all effective rules adopted by each agency. The code shall be periodically supplemented or revised, and shall remain under the control and direction of the Office of Administrative Law regardless of the method or medium chosen to store, maintain or distribute it.

(b) The director shall publish a bulletin, at least monthly, to be known as the "New Jersey Register" setting forth: (1) the text of all rules filed during the preceding month, and (2) such notices as shall have been submitted pursuant to this act.

(c) The director shall issue annually a schedule for the filing of documents for publication in the New Jersey Register. The director may omit from the New Jersey Register or compilation any rule the publication of which would be unduly cumbersome, expensive, or otherwise inexpedient, if the rule in printed or processed form is made available by the adopting agency on application thereto, and if the register or code contains a notice stating the general subject matter of the omitted rule and stating the manner in which a copy thereof may be obtained. The director may include within the New Jersey Register and the New Jersey Administrative Code any document, material or information which the director may deem appropriate and convenient.

(d) At least one copy of the New Jersey Administrative Code and copies of the New Jersey Register and compilations shall be made available upon request to the Governor, the head of each principal department, the Office of Legislative Services, the State Library and to such other State agencies and public officials as the director may designate free of charge. The director shall provide for the publication, sale and distribution of the Code and Register to the public by whatever means, including entering into contractual or licensing arrangements, most likely to ensure the widest dissemination possible.

(e) (Deleted by amendment, P.L.1993, c.343).

(f) The director may determine the order in which such rules or any parts thereof are to be presented in the New Jersey Register and the New Jersey Administrative Code; the director may number or renumber the parts, paragraphs and sections into which such rules may be divided; the director may further divide or combine existing parts, paragraphs and sections and may provide for appropriate digests, indices and other related material. The director shall not, however, change the language of any existing rule excepting a title or explanatory caption; but shall recommend any such changes as the director may deem advisable to the administrative agency authorized to adopt such rule. The director may periodically review the New Jersey Administrative Code for expired rules and shall remove such rules upon notice to the appropriate agency head.

(g) The director is hereby authorized and empowered to promulgate and enforce interagency rules for the implementation and administration of this act.

L.1968,c.410,s.7; amended 1973,c.227; 1993,c.343,s.7.

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