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    Chapter 27G: Legislative findings and declarations

      Section: 52:27G-24: Appointment of public guardian

           The administrator and chief executive officer of the office is the public guardian, who shall be a person qualified by training and experience to perform the duties of the office. The public guardian shall be appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate, and shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor during the Governor's term of office and until the appointment and qualification of the public guardian's successor. The public guardian shall devote his entire time to the duties of the position and shall receive a salary as determined by law. Any vacancy occurring in the position of the public guardian shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment; except that if the public guardian dies, resigns, becomes ineligible to serve for any reason, or is removed from office, the Governor shall appoint an acting public guardian, who shall serve until the appointment and qualification of the public guardian's successor, but in no event longer than six months from the occurrence of the vacancy, and who shall exercise during this period all the powers and duties of the public guardian pursuant to the provisions of this act.

L. 1985, c. 298, s. 5.

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