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    Chapter 27G: Legislative findings and declarations

      Section: 52:27G-29: Grants of authority

           a. If it is determined that the public guardian should be appointed for a proposed ward, the court shall enter an order that makes findings of fact on the basis of clear, unequivocal, and convincing evidence supporting each grant of authority to the public guardian and that:

(1) Establishes whether the public guardian has authority over the person, or the property, or both person and property, of the ward;

(2) Establishes whether, and to what extent, the authority over person or property or both is partial; and

(3) Sets the term of appointment.

b. No grant of authority to the public guardian will be more than the least restrictive alternative warranted under the facts, and the public guardian shall employ the form of assistance that least interferes with the capacity of a ward to act in his own behalf.

c. There will be no liability by physicians for failure to obtain consent from a ward or proposed ward of the public guardian in an emergency that threatens death or serious bodily harm.

L. 1985, c. 298, s. 10.

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