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Chapter: 33 - Riot; failure to disperse

2c:33-1 Riot; failure to disperse (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2923.000000000)
2c:33-2 Disorderly conduct (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2924.000000000)
2c:33-2.1 "Public place" defined; loitering to obtain or distribute CDS is a disorderly persons offense (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2925.000000000)
2c:33-3 False public alarms. (2015-12-02 09:10:27,2926.000000000)
2c:33-3.1 Penalties for juvenile violating N.J.S.2C:33-3. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2927.000000000)
2c:33-3.2 Fines for violation of N.J.S.2C:33-3. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2928.000000000)
2c:33-4 Harassment. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2929.000000000)
2c:33-4.1 Crime of cyber-harassment. (2014-03-06 15:00:50,2929.500000000)
2c:33-7 Obstructing highways and other public passages (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2930.000000000)
2c:33-8 Disrupting meetings and processions (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2931.000000000)
2c:33-8.1 Definitions relative to disruption of funerals, violations, disorderly persons offense. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2932.000000000)
2c:33-9 Desecration of venerated objects (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2933.000000000)
2c:33-10 Causing fear of unlawful bodily violence, crime of third degree; act of graffiti, additional penalty (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2934.000000000)
2c:33-11 Defacement of private property, crime of fourth degree; act of graffiti, additional penalty (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2935.000000000)
2c:33-11.1 Certain actions relevant to evictions, disorderly persons offense. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2936.000000000)
2c:33-12 Maintaining a nuisance (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2937.000000000)
2c:33-12.1 Abating nuisance (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2938.000000000)
2c:33-12.2 Sexually oriented business, nuisance; crime (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2939.000000000)
2c:33-13 Smoking in public. (2017-08-30 13:09:21,2940.000000000)
2c:33-13.1 Sale of cigarettes, electronic smoking devices to persons under age 21, petty disorderly persons offense. (2017-08-08 09:10:08,2941.000000000)
2c:33-14 Interference with transportation. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2942.000000000)
2c:33-14.1 Vandalizing railroad crossing devices, property; grading of offenses; graffiti. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2943.000000000)
2c:33-15 Possession, consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons under legal age; penalty. (2015-11-30 09:16:05,2944.000000000)
2c:33-16 Alcoholic beverages; bringing or possession on school property by person of legal age; penalty (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2945.000000000)
2c:33-17 Availability of alcoholic beverages to underaged, offenses. (2015-11-30 09:16:08,2946.000000000)
2c:33-19 Possession of remotely activated paging devices on school property, disorderly persons offense; exemptions (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2947.000000000)
2c:33-20 Use of remotely activated paging device during commission of certain crimes is a crime of fourth degree (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2948.000000000)
2c:33-21 Interception or use of official communications. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2949.000000000)
2c:33-22 Possession of emergency communications receiver (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2950.000000000)
2c:33-23 Radar device not included (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2951.000000000)
2c:33-23.1 License required for certain radio transmissions. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2952.000000000)
2c:33-23.2 Violations, fourth degree crime. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2953.000000000)
2c:33-23.3 Offense relative to access of information indicating the location of law enforcement vehicles. (2013-08-29 10:39:16,2953.500000000)
2c:33-24 "Act of graffiti." (2014-12-04 09:14:01,2954.000000000)
2c:33-25 Warning sign required for sale of spray paint; violations, penalties (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2955.000000000)
2c:33-26 Sale of motor vehicles on Sunday; exemption. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2956.000000000)
2c:33-27 Consumption of alcohol in restaurants (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2957.000000000)
2c:33-28 Solicitation, recruitment to join criminal street gang; crime, degrees, sentencing. (2014-03-06 15:00:52,2958.000000000)
2c:33-29 Crime of gang criminality; "criminal street gang" defined; grading of offense. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2959.000000000)
2c:33-30 Crime of promotion of organized street crime; grading of offense. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,2960.000000000)
2c:33-31 Crime of dogfighting, penalties; definitions. (2019-09-06 16:25:37,2960.010009766)
2c:33-32 Leader, financier of dog fighting network; penalties. (2018-06-29 12:22:35,2960.020019531)