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This is a full-text archive of the Opinions of the New Jersey Courts, including the Supreme Court, from March, 1994 to date, the Superior Court Appellate Division and the Tax Court from September, 1995 to date.

Please note that in 2005, the New Jersey Administrative Office of Courts changed its publication policy and began to release all Appellate Division decisions for inclusion in this database. Before that date, decisions marked "Unpublished" were not released, and are available only from the court directly.


We have been informed that there are companies that are charging the public for providing links to this website. Please be aware that the Rutgers online law collections are free to everyone, and require no registration or login. We have absolutely no relationship with any company or website that does this.

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These cases are made available by an agreement between the New Jersey Administrative Office of Courts and Rutgers University School of Law.   No changes of any kind are made by Rutgers aside from the conversion from the original wordprocessing format to HTML.  All opinions are available in their original word processed format by clicking the hypertext link at the top of each document. 

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(NOTE: Many Supreme Court opinions have a detailed syllabus attached to the top of the text, with a warning that the syllabus is not "official". The official opinion, however, is there below the syllabus. Just scroll down.)