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                                         96 N.J.L.J. 1332
                                        November 15, 1973


Appointed by the New Jersey Supreme Court


Bar Membership Displayed on Airplane Door

    Inquiry is made whether or not a member of the Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association, a nonprofit New Jersey cooperation, may display a decal with name and logo of the association on an airplane door.
    The inquiry is briefly stated and omits reference as to whether or not the attorney pilot's name is also included in the display. Reference to Wise, Legal Ethics (1970) 142-3 and 19, (1966), discloses that it has been held that a lawyer may not have any designation on his automobile indicating directly or indirectly that he is a lawyer; and that he may not wear jewelry bearing the seal of his state bar association. And in Drinker, Legal Ethics 248 (1961), it is reported that an attorney may not have "attorney at law" printed on his license tags or on his savings passbook.
    Presumably a Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association engages in activities similar to any bar association in respect to encouraging the sociability of its members and endeavors to improve the profession to the common benefit of the public and its members. Even though a lawyer pilot's name is not included on his plane door, we decide that identifying his plane with his profession constitutes indirect adhering of his profession, and is not permitted under the Disciplinary Rules.

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