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                                         98 N.J.L.J. 126
                                        February 6, 1975


Appointed by the New Jersey Supreme Court


Attorney Practicing from
Client's Out-of-State Office

    Under R. 1:21-1 qualification to practice law in the State of New Jersey requires either domicile in New Jersey or maintenance here of a "principal office."
    This inquiry asks whether a licensed New Jersey attorney domiciled in New Jersey and having an office here may carry on the New Jersey litigation of an out-of-state client from the client's out-of-state office. The client is licensed to do business in New Jersey. The client will provide office space and clerical help. Its
objective is to keep all of its records and files in its out-of-state office. The attorney will prepare pleadings and issue correspondence from the client's office using the attorney's own New Jersey letterhead and his New Jersey office as his office of record.
    On the above facts this attorney will be in compliance with R. 1:4-1(b) in using his New Jersey office address and telephone number as his record office on pleadings. He is both domiciled in New Jersey and maintains a principal office here.
    Accordingly, we are of the opinion that a New Jersey attorney's use of the office and facilities of an out-of-state client in which to prepare for that client's litigation in New Jersey courts is not in violation of R.1:21-1(a) where the attorney either is domiciled in New Jersey, or maintains a principal office in New Jersey.

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