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                                         107 N.J.L.J. 283
                                        April 2, 1981


Appointed by the New Jersey Supreme Court


Interstate Firm Name Used in Local Office

    The inquirer acting as counsel to a law firm which is doing business in several other jurisdictions under its firm name which we shall call "X & Y," inquires whether the firm may properly establish a law office or offices in New Jersey under the name "X & Y." In the brief submitted in support of the inquiry our attention is correctly called to the provisions of DR 2-102(C) which reads as follows:
        A lawyer shall not hold himself out as having a partnership with one or more lawyers unless they are in fact partners. A partnership shall not be formed or continued between or among lawyers licensed in different jurisdictions unless all enumerations of the members and associates of the firm on its letterhead and in other permissible listings make clear the jurisdictional limitations on those members and associates of the firm not licensed to practice in all listed jurisdictions; provided however a firm name may not be used in New Jersey unless all those named are or were members of the bar in New Jersey. (Emphasis added)

    The language of the rule is clear. This Committee is not at liberty to disregard its plain language and refers the inquirer to R. 1:14, observing that only the Supreme Court has the power to amend or otherwise modify the Disciplinary Rules.


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