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                                         114 N.J.L.J. 1
                                        July 5, 1984



Appointed by the New Jersey Supreme Court

Firm Name -
Multi-Jurisdictional Practice

    The inquirer, a New Jersey attorney, is an associate of A and B, a New York law firm. Originally the inquiry was directed to the question of whether she might practice in New Jersey under the name of A and B and use its name on her letterhead with her name as an associate. Subsequently, we were informed that the firm was about to accept as a partner an attorney, admitted both in New York and New Jersey, who currently maintains an office in New Jersey and presumably would be in charge of the inquirer's office.
    When the question was originally posed to us, it was clear that under the Disciplinary Rules then in force we would have been constrained to answer the question in the negative. Effective January 16, 1984, however, the Disciplinary Rules dealing with various forms of advertising were substantially amended. DR 2-105(B) now provides that a law firm with offices in more than one jurisdiction may use the same name in each jurisdiction subject, however, to the conditions and requirements set forth therein. So long as the inquirer complies with all of the provisions of that Rule, the proposed use of the firm name is not improper. The letterhead, in any event, must clearly indicate to the eyes of an unsophisticated member of the public the name of the licensed New Jersey attorney who is responsible for the firm's New Jersey practice or the local office thereof.

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