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Appointed by the New Jersey Supreme Court


Communicating Specialization

    This matter originated as a grievance filed by a member of the bar against an attorney who caused an advertisement to be published in a coupon book mailed to residents in a geographic area. The grievance alleged that Respondent had violated RPC 7.4 in that he had held himself out as a “FAMILY LAW SPECIALIST.”
    Upon completing its initial review, the Committee determined that the advertisement was in fact violative of RPC 7.4. In lieu of formal action, a letter was sent to Respondent requesting that he cease and desist from engaging in any future advertising which included the communication of a specialty unless he became certified as a specialist in a particular discipline by the Supreme Court or a bona fide certifying organization. Respondent disagreed with the Committee's interpretation of RPC 7.4 and asked the Committee to reconsider its decision. The Committee agreed and determined that an advisory opinion should be issued.

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