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Chapter: 1
Chapter: 2 Requirement of voluntary act; omission as basis of liability; possession as an act
Chapter: 3 Justification an affirmative defense; civil remedies unaffected
Chapter: 4 Insanity defense
Chapter: 5 Criminal attempt
Chapter: 6 Persons accused of minor offenses
Chapter: 7 Findings, declarations
Chapter: 11 Homicide
Chapter: 11A Cloning of human being, first degree crime; definition.
Chapter: 12 Assault.
Chapter: 13 Kidnapping.
Chapter: 14 Sex Crimes
Chapter: 15 Robbery
Chapter: 16 Bias intimidation.
Chapter: 17 Arson and related offenses
Chapter: 18 Tresspass and Burglary
Chapter: 20 Theft
Chapter: 21 Forgery and Related Offenses
Chapter: 22 Disturbing, desecrating human remains; offenses.
Chapter: 24 Bigamy
Chapter: 25 Domestic Violence
Chapter: 27 Bribery and Public Corruption
Chapter: 28 Perjury
Chapter: 29 Obstructing administration of law or other governmental function
Chapter: 30 Official misconduct
Chapter: 33 Riot; failure to disperse
Chapter: 34 Prostitution and related offenses.
Chapter: 35 Laboratory certificates; use; admission into evidence; objections
Chapter: 35A Anti-Drug Profiteering
Chapter: 35B Drug Dealer Liability Act
Chapter: 36 Drug paraphernalia, defined; determination.
Chapter: 36A Conditional discharge for certain first offenses; expunging of records.
Chapter: 37 Illegal Gambling
Chapter: 38 September 11th, 2001 Anti-Terrorism Act
Chapter: 39 Weapons Offences
Chapter: 40 Creating a hazard
Chapter: 40A Employer requiring lie detector test
Chapter: 41 Racketeering
Chapter: 43 Degrees of crimes
Chapter: 44 Criteria for withholding or imposing sentence of imprisonment.
Chapter: 45 Conditions of suspension or probation.
Chapter: 46 Time and method of payment; disposition of funds.
Chapter: 47 Referral to adult diagnostic and treatment center; commitment; examination
Chapter: 48A "Criminal Sentencing and Disposition Commission."
Chapter: 48B Findings, declarations relative to certain racial and ethnic impact statements.
Chapter: 51 Basis of disqualification or disability
Chapter: 52 Definition of expungement
Chapter: 58 Registration of manufacturers and wholesale dealers of firearms
Chapter: 62 Support orders for willful nonsupport
Chapter: 64 Property subject to forfeiture.
Chapter: 65 Procedure to be followed by law enforcement agencies when stolen property is taken into custody
Chapter: 66 Attachment of deposited funds of suspected terrorists or their supporters
Chapter: 98 Construction
Chapter: 104 Witnesses