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Title: 54 - TAXATION


Chapter: 1 State tax department continued; "department" defined
Chapter: 2 Copies of appeal to be served; copies of judgment; notice; notices; notice of withdrawal or dismissal of complaint
Chapter: 3 County boards of taxation continued
Chapter: 4 Property subject to taxation.
Chapter: 4A United States or agency thereof, contributions in lieu of taxes, procedure; disposition.
Chapter: 4B Effect of administrative or judicial proceedings upon apportionment, collection or payment of taxes
Chapter: 5
Chapter: 6 "Martin Act" with amendments and supplements; appointment of commissioners of adjustment in cities; settlement and collection of arrearages of unpaid
Chapter: 7 Action by governing body
Chapter: 8 Reduction of interest on amounts due where records destroyed
Chapter: 8A
Chapter: 10A
Chapter: 11 Voiding charter of delinquent corporations; extension of time for payment
Chapter: 11D Annual appropriation; allocation
Chapter: 12 Books, records and documents; custody
Chapter: 14 Time when taxes due; notification of deductions; interest charged
Chapter: 15 Appeal to tax court
Chapter: 15B
Chapter: 15C Tax on transfer over $1,000,000 of controlling interest in certain commercial property.
Chapter: 16 Definition of marine insurances
Chapter: 17 Payments reported to comptroller
Chapter: 18 Annual reports, payments to New Jersey State Firemen's Association; effects of noncompliance
Chapter: 18A Annual tax return; payment by companies; dates due; credit
Chapter: 29A
Chapter: 30 Certain receipts of public utilities not taxable
Chapter: 30A Rules, regulations
Chapter: 32A Taxes and penalties not to remain lien after January 1, 1953
Chapter: 32B
Chapter: 32D State hotel and motel occupancy fee.
Chapter: 32E
Chapter: 32F
Chapter: 33
Chapter: 34 Transfers taxable.
Chapter: 35 Date when tax due
Chapter: 36 Vested remainders after estate for life or years
Chapter: 37
Chapter: 38 Imposition of tax; amount.
Chapter: 38A Reasonable doubt as to domicile of decedent; settlement
Chapter: 39
Chapter: 39A
Chapter: 40A
Chapter: 40B
Chapter: 41
Chapter: 42 Administrative powers; regulations; requiring bond; certificate of compliance; report on status of bond
Chapter: 43 Tax rates.
Chapter: 44 When tax due and payable; penalties; exception
Chapter: 45 Bi-monthly reports to director; payment of tax; failure to file; penalty; remission
Chapter: 46 Appeals from decisions of Director of Division of Taxation
Chapter: 47 Failure to file report; filing of false or fraudulent report
Chapter: 47A
Chapter: 47B Title
Chapter: 47C Title
Chapter: 47D
Chapter: 47E
Chapter: 48
Chapter: 49 Tax a debt and lien; preference; proceeds paid to commissioner
Chapter: 50 General powers of commissioner
Chapter: 51A Review of judgment, action or determination of county board of taxation
Chapter: 52 Charges under other Titles
Chapter: 53 Authorization for director to enter; standards
Chapter: 54 Covered employees considered employees of client company.