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    Chapter 16M:

      Section: 17:16M-7: Filing of certificate of incorporation

           The certificate of incorporation with the commissioner's approval endorsed thereon or annexed thereto shall be filed in the department, and shall be recorded within 30 days after such approval in the same manner and places as required by section 12 of P.L.1948, c.67 (C.17:9A-12). Upon the approval by the commissioner and the filing of the certificate of incorporation as aforesaid, the State association shall cease to be a State association. Upon the conversion of the State association, the legal existence of the State association shall terminate and the newly-chartered savings bank shall succeed to all the obligations and relations of the State association, and to all property of the State association, including the right, title and interest in and to all property of whatsoever kind and nature, whether real, personal or mixed and things, and choses in action, and every right, privilege, interest and asset of every conceivable value or benefit then existing or pertaining to it, or which would inure to it, immediately by operation of law and without the necessity for any conveyance or transfer and without any further act or deed, shall vest in the savings bank into which the State association has been converted. The savings bank shall have, hold and enjoy the same in its own right as fully and to the same extent as the same was possessed, held and enjoyed by the State association. All pending actions and other judicial or administrative proceedings to which the State association was a party shall not be discontinued by reason of the conversion, but may be prosecuted to final judgment or order in the same manner as if the conversion had not been made and the savings bank resulting from the conversion may continue such actions in its name after conversion. Any judgment or order may be rendered for or against it which might have been rendered for or against the State association theretofore involved in the judicial proceedings.


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