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    Chapter 30C:

      Section: 17:30C-25: Voidable transfers

           a. Any transfer of, or lien upon, the property of an insurer which is made or created within 4 months prior to the granting of an order to show cause under this act with the intent of giving to any creditor or of enabling him to obtain a greater percentage of his debt than any other creditor of the same class, and which is accepted by such creditor having reasonable cause to believe that such a preference will occur, shall be voidable.

b. Every director, officer, employee, stockholder, policyholder, and any other person acting on behalf of such insurer who shall be concerned in any such act or deed and every person receiving thereby any property of such insurer or the benefit thereof, shall be personally liable therefor and shall be bound to account to the commissioner.

c. The commissioner, as receiver in any proceeding under this act, may avoid any transfer of, or lien upon the property of an insurer which any creditor, stockholder or policyholder of such insurer might have avoided, and may recover the property so transferred, or its value from the person to whom it was transferred, unless such person was a bona fide holder for value prior to the date of the granting of an order to show cause under this act. Such property or its value may be recovered from anyone who has received it, except a bona fide holder for value as above specified.

L.1975, c. 113, s. 25, eff. June 3, 1975.

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