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    Chapter 48F:

      Section: 17:48F-15: Deposit of case, securities; net worth requirement.

15. a. A prepaid prescription service organization shall deposit with the commissioner or with an entity or trustee acceptable to the commissioner through which a custodial or controlled account is utilized, cash, securities, or any combination of these or other measures that is acceptable to the commissioner in an amount equal to $25,000, which amount shall be adjusted annually by the commissioner, by regulation, in accordance with changes in the Consumer Price Index, plus 25\% of the tangible net equity required by section 14 of this act; except that the deposit shall not be required to exceed $100,000, which amount may be adjusted by the commissioner annually in accordance with changes in the Consumer Price Index. The deposit shall be deemed an admitted asset of the organization in the determination of tangible net equity.

b. All income from deposits shall be an asset of the organization. An organization may withdraw a deposit or any part thereof after making a substitute deposit of equal amount and value, except that a security may not be substituted unless it has been approved by the commissioner.

c. Amounts on deposit shall be used to protect the interests of the organization's enrollees in the State and to assure continuation of limited health care services to enrollees of an organization which is in rehabilitation or liquidation. If an organization is placed in rehabilitation or liquidation, the deposit shall be treated as an asset subject to the provisions of N.J.S.17B:32-1 et seq.

d. The commissioner may, by regulation, adjust the amount of required net worth that an organization may have in order to provide adequate protection against contingencies affecting the organization's financial position which are not fully covered by reserves and other liabilities and supporting assets.


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